Top 10 Better Ways to Cook an Egg

Eggs are one of the most versatile—and nutritious—foods. In addition to the traditional ways you’ve been taught to cook and enjoy eggs, here are a few more interesting “egg hacks” you can use just about every day.

10. Cook the Egg in Something Delicious

Top 10 Better Ways to Cook an Egg

Prepworks by Progressi... Buy New $10.97 (as of 09:40 EST - Details) One of the reasons eggs are so awesome is they go so well with other foods. Some foods make perfect egg cups or containers, imparting even more flavor to your egg dish: avocados, bell peppers and onion rings, orange peels, and, of course, bacon come to mind.

9. Cook Eggs When You Don’t Have Any Proper Equipment

This one’s a little odd and best suited for the campsite or just experimenting, but nevertheless, you can fry an egg using paper, a hanger, and binder clips. Or maybe when you’re out traveling and hungry for a decent breakfast in your hotel room you’ll remember you can make eggs (and other breakfast food) with the iron.

8. Easily Peel Boiled Eggs in Seconds

Peeling eggs is a hassle sometimes when the shells crack into tiny sharp bits or refuse to let go of the egg. There are tons of solutions to this first world problem: blow the egg out of the shell,plunge them in hot water at the start (and then quickly cool them off in an ice bath), time the water boiling perfectly, and/or crack the eggs on flat surfaces (for less shell and better safety). Or shake the shells off with the “bumper car” method or the (crazy Japanese) Tupperware way.

On the other hand, why bother with peeling when you can just cut right through the boiled egg?

7. Cook Eggs with Unusual Kitchen Tools

Top 10 Better Ways to Cook an Egg

Pots and pans aren’t the only egg-cooking equipment you might have on hand. A pressure cooker makes easy-to-peel, hard-cooked eggs and steamed eggs in minutes, or you can use an espresso machine to scramble eggs. You can even use your slow cooker to make a breakfast casserole overnight and wake up to a hot breakfast like the one shown above.

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