12 Sneaky Ways Toxins Infiltrate Your Life

It seems that everywhere you look today you can find a source for toxins—food, clothes, children’s toys…you get the idea. Sometimes, no matter how careful you are, toxins can sneak Amazon.com $50 Gift Ca... Check Amazon for Pricing. past you, infiltrating your home and body. It never hurts to arm yourself with a healthy dose of awareness and prevention, two components that can protect you and your family from unseen attackers.

12 Ways Toxins Can Sneak into Your Life

Toxins really are everywhere, and it is almost impossible to avoid them 100% of the time. Still, you can limit your exposure to harmful endocrine disruptors, not to mention a plethora of other compounds. Here are just 12 sneaky ways that toxins are infiltrating your life and what you can do about it.

1. In Your Bottled Water

In a collaborative study from Nanjing University in China and the University of Florida, Nutribiotic Pure Cocon... Best Price: null Buy New $18.66 ($0.58 / Fl Oz) (as of 02:30 EST - Details) scientists studied plastic water bottles exposed to varying temperatures over four weeks. In the bottles left at higher temperatures, like the temperature in a hot car, levels of BPA and antimony increased. [1] Most of us have heard of BPA, a toxin that mimics estrogen and is thought to disrupt hormone balance, but antimony is also bad news, playing a role in lung, heart, and gastrointestinal diseases. [2

2. In Your Pots and Pans

Sure, Teflon is an amazingly convenient invention that saves time; however, there’s recent evidence suggesting exposure to C8, a chemical involved in the production of Teflon, could be responsible for medical issues like kidney cancer, testicular cancer, thyroid disease, high cholesterol, pregnancy-induced hypertension, and ulcerative colitis. [3] NaturOli Soap Nut/Soap... Best Price: null Buy New $21.25 ($1.33 / Ounce) (as of 01:15 EST - Details)

(Note:  Here’s Lew Rockwell’s recommendation for products he uses.)

3. In Your Furniture

There’s probably more than you think lurking beneath the surface of your couch. Furniture that has been treated with flame retardants seems like a smart choice, but flame-retardant chemicals might be taking a toll on your health. These toxins have links to cancer, issues with fertility, and disruptions in sexual and neurological function.

4. In Your Clothes

According to many toxicology reports, not even clothes are safe against toxin levels. In an October 2014 report from the Swedish Chemicals Agency, 2,400 substances were identified in clothing, with about 10% of that number posing a threat to humans and the environment. [5]

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