Marc Faber: Gold Price, US Dollar & the Swiss Gold Initiative

Marc Faber is the editor and publisher of The Gloom, Boom and Doom Report ( and he is the author of Tomorrow’s Gold – Asia’s Age of Discovery. Following are a few of the issues discussed in this interview with Dan Popescu (

Could Russia and other emerging market central banks sell gold?

Is the US dollar in a new major bull market?

How will the Swiss gold referendum affect the gold market?

China and gold reserves: How much gold does China have?

On US belligerence and occupation around the world.” Nation building is a crazy idea of the State Department. They are luntics.  It’s all about money” (for themselves and their cronies).

Dr. Faber also discusses his own asset allocations.  How does he protect his holdings?  Simple.  He states: “I own my physical gold. I am my own central banker”. (16:56)

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