Imperial Statism Rules the World

I hope and suspect that, if mankind is not destroyed by imperial-state bio-chemical or nuclear war and continues to become more knowledgeable and intelligent and loving, our descendants will some day make great leaps forward into the small communities and polises our ancient ancestors lived in until the giant, imperial states started conquering and ruling and immisserating almost all human beings 5,000 years ago.

People today take these vast megalopolis garbage piles for granted as “natural” and  have no idea how beautiful and fulfilling, how quiet and fragrant human life was when mankind lived in close communion with the good earth, the great forests and seas of flowers and green grass and with the magnificent heavens above every day and night.

The terrorist age of imperial states have torn us from out vast, natural roots and herded us into vast open-air concentration camps and imprisoned us in huge bureaucracies dictated over by insane Big Brothers who use us as cannon fodder and beasts of burden.

Almost all human beings  have been so totally cut off from our natural world and enslaved in these ways that they have come to take their prisons and concentration camps for granted as natural and good for us, just as maximum security prisoners become so enslaved in their steel and concrete prisons that they dread being let loose in the world beyond the razor-tipped walls and the machine gun towers.

Almost all human beings are literally insane in this way and think their insanity is the only sanity and the only way mankind can live.