Glock 19 Perfection in a 9mm Handgun

Some prefer revolves over auto loading handguns, while others simply want a simple .22 for target practice and recreation on the weekend. The “perfect” handgun for me may not be right for you or your needs, it is a personal choice that only you can make.For me the perfect handgun is the Glock 19.

I bought mine a Gen 1, (I now have a Glock Gen 4) years ago from a local gun shop, and immediately fell in love. It is just the right size and fits my hands perfectly. The Glock 19 is small enough for everyday concealed carry without pulling your pants off, yet large enough to serve as a full-size weapon, offering accuracy and magazine capacity of 15 rounds which is comparable to full-sized auto pistols.

Glock pistols are capable products right out of the box, but can be made even better with the addition of a few choice accessories, most of which are also offered by Glock. The first thing I did to mine was replace the standard synthetic sights, with the more durable Ghost Ring Ameriglo Tritium Night Sights that are proven to give shooters quicker accurate follow-up shots and greater accuracy at night.

The next thing I did was add the slug plug to the grip, this helps to keep out dirt and other unwanted gunk. Some folks don’t like the slug plug but with the introduction by Glock of the drop-free magazines, manually extracting the magazine isn’t an issue.

And even if the magazine did not drop free there is plenty of magazine to get hold of and pull in out from the grip. So it’s really a non-issue that boils down to personal preference.

I also installed the extended slide release, even though I never use it, I just pull back the slide with an overhand movement with my left hand to chamber a round from the magazine. My main reason for installing the extended release was to aid in one-handed operation, if needed.

Over the years, gun writers have spent countless words debating the stopping power of the 9mm round. Most of this has been a waste of time and print. The number one element of stopping power is shot placement, not whether the bullet is 230 grains or 115.

If you do not hit a vital target the outcome will be the same no matter what handgun round is used. I am a big fan of the 9mm for survival usage and much prefer it over the .40 or .45 even-though I have a Glock 41.

Keep in mind I am not talking wilderness survival here, but about a break down or collapse of the current system, or TEOTWAWKI if you will. For price and availability of ammo the 9mm is hard to beat and offers plenty of “stopping power” to get the job down with proper shot placement. My everyday carry round is the 115 grain Cor-Bon +P at 1,308 fps.

Like I stated at the start of today’s post, everyone has their own idea of what makes up the perfect handgun, let us know what you think and your choices in this matter.

Cor-Bon 115gr 9mm JHP +P – Ammo Test

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Reprinted with permission from The Survivalist Blog.

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