“Revenue Collection” … in Reverse

It’s not possible to do much about income taxes, or the taxes we’re forced to pay on “our” property in order to maintain the fiction we – rather than the government –  “own” it. These taxes eviscerate the “freedoms” which “the troops” are purportedly fighting for and make a mockery of the annual summer celebration whose name I will not mention – much in the same way that sitting on Santa’s lap and dragging a pine tree into the living room makes a mockery of another day.

As the late great social critic George Carlin once put it, you have the freedom to chose Coke – or Pepsi. Chevy – or Ford. And that’s [amazon asin=1439191107&template=*lrc ad (left)]pretty much the extent of your freedoms. What “the troops” are fighting for is something rather different. You might consult Smedley Butler (see here) to learn about the what.

But there are ways of fighting back – without actually fighting. That – actually fighting – would be stupid at this point, in the same way that it would be stupid for most of us to get into the ring with Brock Lesnar. I’ve come up with a better way – a passive way.

Let forgetfulness be your ally.

And – use their own “laws” to your advantage.

[amazon asin=B006J3WMHG&template=*lrc ad (right)]I simply stopped renewing/paying the “registration” fee (another of the state’s euphemisms for “tax,” which is itself a euphemism for legalized theft) they insist I “owe” each year, endlessly, in order to maintain the fiction that the vehicles I paid for are actually mine to own and operate. This keeps roughly $60 per year, per vehicle in my pocket – which adds up when you have several vehicles, as I do. Several of these mostly sit. And of course, I can only drive (or ride) one at any given time. Yet, they expect me (and you) to pay, pay, pay just the same.

[amazon asin=0990463109&template=*lrc ad (left)]And here’s some good news: Unlike declining to pay the income or property tax, “forgetting” to renew vehicle registration won’t put your life in peril. The very worst that may happen is that one of the state’s collectors of revenue (i.e., a cop) will notice an out-of-date registration and issue you a befehl – and order to pony up what you “owe.” You will – usually – not be caged or killed for this “offense.”

If you’ve managed to avoid paying the tributum for several years before you’re noticed, the math adds up in your favor – particularly in the case of people who have multiple vehicles. The cop might notice the one you happen to be driving that day – but the others are safe, assuming they are in your garage and away from prying eyes.[amazon asin=B001D5C1FI&template=*lrc ad (right)]

Just be sure to keep your insurance up to date – as there are severe repercussions for “forgetting” to renew that. And, they actively check. With out of date tags/registration, you may be able to go years without a worry.

Or, go “antique.”

In some states – my home state, for instance – one can buy permanent registration Antique Vehicle tags for a car that is 25 years old or older. There is no annual registration renewal fee. The tags are valid (i.e., your permission slip is good) in perpetuity.

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