The Senseless killing of Eric Garner and Our Police State

New York, NY—Selling cigarettes on the street cost a man his life. Think about it for a moment.  Trying to make a meager living in a miserable economy by selling a legal product deserves death now in New York.

That’s precisely what happened to an obviously overweight (350 lbs.) and unhealthy man last week.  A squad of cops investigating this tax transgression approached Eric Garner. Garner actually begged the cops to leave him alone.   Soon Garner began to shun the cops and resist being handcuffed and the cops piled on him.  All too quickly, Garner was dead.

Was it the long banned chokehold?  I don’t think so.  I suspect positional asphyxia was the actual cause of death.  Does it really make any difference how they killed him?  Garner was killed not by policemen in the true sense of that noble occupation but a gang of government extortionists. Against the State: An ... Rockwell, Llewellyn Best Price: null Buy New $3.99 (as of 11:20 EST - Details)

This was not about anything more than the attempted evasion of an outrageous tax on a legal product that millions consume in America.

Our greedy politicians expand their power and the government monster by overtaxing anything they can.   We all know that this was about money rather than evil, violence or simple public safety.

Cops used to be there to protect and help us from evil.  They all signed up to help their fellow man, not to become extortionists.  However politicians changed the game decades ago by feeding the government monster with fines for minor offenses.

Along the way our politicians stayed wide-awake nights dreaming of the creation new petty offenses and raising the fines on the ones already on the books.  They all need to bribe contractors for crap we don’t need for A Government of Wolves... John W. Whitehead Best Price: $1.16 Buy New $2.99 (as of 10:15 EST - Details) reelection campaigns.  That takes money and new creative ways of taking it from the public.

Parking enforcement and meters led the extortion parade.  Today unconstitutional Photo traffic enforcement has provided billions of illicit dollars to local governments.

Most Americans don’t have a clue that they only way to convict people with photo enforcement and collect fines flagrantly violates our Sixth Amendment rights to confront and cross-examine witnesses against us.

Where there is no live witness to a transgression courts must rely on long banned hearsay testimony to admit photo and computer data evidence into court.  You can’t cross-examine and ask the photograph about errors or equipment malfunctions.  Was the equipment actually tampered with to make it appear there was a violation by greedy equipment manufacturers selling government on this garbage?

The whores in local politics appoint the judges and they know they better side with those that feed them.  Again, those sworn to defend it have trashed our Constitution.

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