Forced Sterilization: 1929-1974

The monstrous euegenics movement, based on the idea of Charles Darwin’s cousin Francis Galton, was dominant in intellectually circles in the United States from 1900 to World War II, and it survived legally until the mid–1970s.

The United States passed the first forced sterilization laws before World War I. The Supreme Court case, Buck v. Bell, legalized the practice in 1927. Only one justice dissented, a conservative. It has never been overturned. Hitler openly said that the sterilization laws in the U.S. were models for his similar program.

Rockefeller money was behind much of this research. So was Carnegie money. So was Harriman money. The great foundations, funded by the great fortunes, funded it.

This story of this misuse of state power has been kept out of the history textbooks. Historians have known about it for over 40 years, and there are monographs on it, but the story still remains suppressed by means of the liberals’ “gentlemen’s agreement.” But occasionally some aspect of it gets out.

Recently, an NBC Rock Center segment was devoted to this story. The forced sterilizations went on in North Carolina until 1974. The evidence was kept in a basement in files that were locked up. They are still closed.

You can see the segment here. The video carefully skips over the Rockefeller-Carnegie connection. It mentions more obscure rich supporters.

Planned Parenthood’s founder Margaret Sanger was the most eloquent supporter of eugenics. Her 1922 book, The Pivot of Civilization, is online for free. George Grant’s 1995 book, Killer Angel, has collected her statements in one horrifying volume.

Here is a Mike Wallace interview of Sanger in 1957. He used it to give her a chance to attack the Roman Catholic Church on birth control. Eugenics? Never heard of it. Forced sterilization? What are you, some right-wing nut? The complete transcript is here.

Liberals today are deeply embarrassed by this video. It promotes smoking.

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