Five Full-Sized Polymer Handguns that should Make Glock Nervous

When Gaston Glock first introduced his Model 17, the gun world laughed at the prospect of plastic guns made by Mattel. Some 32 years later, Glock has the last laugh, with the majority of police departments in the U.S. adopting Glock’s Polymer G series of pistols or one of its polymer-framed rivals. Glock was once the king of plastic blasters, but are there better options more than three decades later? takes a look at the top five polymer-framed Glock-killers.

Beretta 90-two

When the U.S. military decided to replace aging stocks of 1911 pistols, they did the unthinkable and chose a wonder-nine instead. It was the M16 debacle all over again, except the Beretta 92’s design had already been combat-proven in the Italian Military. Many people still debate this decision, but the 92 was and remains a popular choice among both civilians and military personnel.

However, the Model 92 is somewhat dated. In an effort to update it to the 21st century Beretta introduced the 90-two, a streamlined polymer version of the 92 that holds an additional two rounds. While the military has not adopted the 90-two for service, it represents the evolution of the 92 series of handguns and gives shooters a DA/SA polymer option in a sea of striker-fired handguns.

Smith & Wesson M&P

What happens when the biggest name in revolvers decides to try and oust the king of plastic fantastics with lessons learned from their first unspectacular entry? The M&P series of handguns.

When Smith decided to oust Glock from the throne of polymer guns, they made a very intelligent decision not to attack Glock’s strong points, like accuracy and reliability. Instead they sought to match Glock’s legendary performance and do something previously unheard of: design a law enforcement/combat weapon around ergonomics. The result? A polymer pistol with three different backstraps that fits a wider variety of shooters than any Glock handgun.

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