WWII Atrocities Forgotten

FDR, Marshall, and all the top U.S. military men in Washington knew the Japanese fleets were heading for Pearl Harbor, the Philippines, etc., to attack the U.S. forces supporting the economic strangulation of Japan, but they let the attacks go ahead to shock the public into giving up their demands for peace and get into WWII.

Those were supreme acts of treason.

As you must also know, FDR et al. forced the Russian soldiers in Nazi POW camps in the areas they controlled to return to Russia even though they knew Stalin would have them killed as traitors, for surrendering or being captured.

FDR had also before the war refused to let Jews escaping from the Nazis land in the U.S. and refused to listen seriously to the evidence of the death camps.

He had Japanese Americans rounded  up and sent to prisons in the country to do slave labor farm work.

The U.S. and U.K. bombed and burned every city in Germany and Japan.

The U.S. incinerated the mothers and children going to school with nuclear weapons….

Some piece of work, as they say.

Some kind of “Liberators.”

Americans always automatically “forget” all the horrible things their rulers have done–or pretend to have forgotten.

I was from a military family and lived in the midst of thousands of U.S. troops training on Miami Beach in the last year of WWII. I knew nothing about the bigger, real world, so I was Gung-Ho for the U.S. slaughters.

I and my life-long friend Bill Marina and some other friends at Miami Jackson High in the early 1950’s were learning on our own about those things and started talking about them calmly and quietly in my civics class and beyond. Over the half century since then I have learned it was far more ghastly than I imagined then.

Watching the weird D-Day homoerotic dancing, I was thinking about all of the thousands of French men, women,  and children killed by the massive bombardments by the U.S. and U.K. Why is there no memorial asking forgiveness for all of that??

The young men sacrificed on those beaches deserve memorial services, as do the French victims.

But Big Lies and Censorship of the awful Truths and weirdo prancing around and self-congratulations by totally corrupt politicians who were not there disgust me.

They were dancing on the graves of their innocent victims.