The Germans Are Quietly Realigning Their Nation With the Vast Russian-Chinese-Central Asian-Pakistani-Indian-Iranian Alliance

Germany is the economic cornerstone of the E.U. and Germany is “mad as hell at the U.S.” and not going to take U.S. enslavement much longer.

Germany has been occupied by U.S. forces of all kinds, from military to financial forces, since WWII. Germans  have become more and more outraged over their enslavement. Most have been relatively quiet about their outrage, largely because they do not  have nuclear forces to counter the ever-present, ultimate, life-and-death threat of the vast doomsday arsenal of the U.S. [They have “off the shelf” nuclear capabilities, meaning they could build nuclear weapons quickly, but they would all be dead long before those could become operational weapons, if the U.S. saw them moving in that direction to free themselves from American enslavement.]

Only France within the E.U. has a nuclear defense force and France would never risk its existence for Germany.

Germany  has been quietly but more and more forcefully working with Russia as a counter-weight to the U.S. and its laggard, lazy dependents within the E.U., the Southern E.U. nations.

Germany and Russia have very complementary economies. Russia has vast natural resources that Germany needs and vast and growing military forces, including nuclear defenses. Germany has vast scientific, technological, engineering, educational strengths Russia needs. This is a growing, natural alliance of interests.

Germany has the same kind of complementary strengths with Russia’s vast, close allies, from China to Pakistan, India and Iran, but some of those complements are different. China has vast, highly efficient, cheap labor that Germany  can use even more than it has now that the cheap labor immigrants from the South are such a big problem. And they all have a mix of great shared commitments to future development, such as solar and alternative[amazon asin=0887388744&template=*lrc ad (right)] energy in China and Germany.

Americans  have paid almost no attention to these and other major continental shifts in trade and political relations. The American Media gave immense attention to the tiny U.S. puppets that supported the shrill U.S. opposition to the Russian re-uniting with the Crimea without a single casualty [rather than an air annihilation such as the U S. uses against nations it invades and occupies permanently]. They said hardly a word about the vast nations of China and India placing their 2billion votes on the Russian side by not voting in favor of the U.S. position.

I doubt the Germans will break with the U.S. or E.U. until they become even more destructive and oppressive and force a final divorce. Right now they are realigning, becoming more balanced worldwide. I expect the E.U. and U.S. will continue  their mad rush toward financial implosion and will finally force Germany to choose to abandon their sinking slave ship.

This German realignment is part of their move and that of all wise political leaders to re-balance the sum of all the forces impinging on them. The world has been severely out of balance since the Soviet Slave Empire imploded and left the U.S. Global Slave Empire as the only “super-power.” The nations of the world must move toward a rebalancing of total global powers to end the U.S. enslavement of the world. The wisest leaders have begun doing this more and more rapidly. Germany Russia, China, India, Iran, and many lesser nations are all vital parts of this great movement toward rebalancing global powers.