20 Things You Need in Your Get Home Bag

It may seem like Monday morning quarterbacking, but we want everyone to think about what happened recently in the SE United States to prepare.  When you prepare and plan ahead you limit the number of bad things that can happen to you and your family when a major storm or event hits your area.

The Urban Survival Center sent out an email prior to the storm reminding everyone to be prepared, but we know that everyone is very busy and the email was easy to over look or not read immediately. So we thought we would cover the topic in a little more detail and provide some information you may find helpful.

[amazon asin=B00FU5JEOI&template=*lrc ad (left)]There have been two major winter storms over the past few weeks that created tremendous problems in the eastern United States.  Even those living in Florida were affected by the cold, freezing rain and some snow.  In each of these storms people were trapped in their cars for hours. In some cases, it took people almost 18 hours to transverse what was a 1 hour drive under normal circumstances.  It was amazing to me how many people blamed the government for the travel problems and yet they showed no signs they were any better prepared for the winter storm.

There are many things you can so to prevent yourself from suffering when these winter storms occur. As with all prevention methods, planning is the key to success.[amazon asin=B001L6QGE6&template=*lrc ad (right)]

Thus, the first step is to have a Get Home Plan.

Listed below are five vital elements of being prepared for a natural disaster or storm. Naturally, this is an abbreviated version, but the key topics are covered.

1. If you feel there is an impending storm, whether a winter or summer storm. Especially, if the weather sources are warning of a potentially dangerous situation in the near future. Thus, you have several days notice of the [amazon asin=B0036Q50FK&template=*lrc ad (left)]impending event. Then do not go out .  Stay home and hunker down.  This includes weather systems like severe thunderstorms, hurricanes, winter snow storms and ice storms.

2. If you do need to go out to work, school or for any reason then you need a Get Home Plan. As mentioned, in my article on Urban Survival, you should have several safe havens .  Thus, as part of a good plan you should have access to several safe havens.

This means you and your family need to know the locations they can go to for safe haven. Whether it is your mom and dad’s house, brother or sister’s place, your office or even a friend’s home. These are locations that you have the key and permission to enter during times of emergency. This also makes it easier for family members to locate each other.

3. you need to communicate with your family. It is imperative, that you let them know where you are and your plans.  This is vital.  The extra strain of a family worrying and even taking the chances of going out and looking for you, places more people at risks.

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