Tyranny for Profit

Tyranny seems to be as much about getting rich as it is about getting power. There is the example of Michael Chertoff, ex-Oberstgruppenfuhrer of the Heimatsicherheitsdeinst – who made millions via the TSA porno scanners which are now part of the Submission Training every American who wishes to fly must endure. The maker of the porno scanners – Rapiscan – was aclient of The Chertoff Group. At least $118 million of your dollars have gone to Rapiscan (and to Chertoff, personally) to facilitate your degradation at the airport of your choice.

But, he’s a big fish.

Smaller fish are just as hungry for your money – and your liberty.

For instance, there is Allan Marx. He is anOrdnungspolizei Obersturmfuhrer (police lieutenant, pictured at left ) in Sebastian County, Arkansas who is pushing hard for OralTox test swabs (see here) to be used upon motorists at Fourth Amendment-free “sobriety” checkpoints. It just happens that Marx is also a distributor for the product – and thus, stands to profit handsomely at the expense of his fellow citizens’ liberty.

Marx says:

“If there’s ever a new way, a new tool that we can use to help not only law enforcement but help the public and the safety of the people out there, it needs to be used.”

Always with the “tools” – and, of course, the “safety.”

No mention of the dollars involved.

Each case of OralTox swabs retails for about $300. Each case contains 25 individual tests. How many people are forced to run a single Fourth Amendment-free gantlet in a single county on a single night in Sebastian County, Arkansas?

How about the state of Arkansas?

Writ large – if this business goes nationwide – Marx, et al, stand to become very rich indeed. Oklahoma, North Dakota, Missouri, Michigan, Colorado, Utah and – of course – New York have already signed up. Who needs the free market and its bothersome demand for non-coercive free exchange when you can use the power of the state to force people to subsidize your product or service? Just get a law passed – and back up the Brinks truck. Policing for Profit. “Security” that pays.

It’s the wave of the future.

But the money’s a side issue, of course. Despicable as it is to profit off the police state, the police state is itself far more despicable. How did we allow things to come this? To accept being felt up, now swabbed – and probably soon, DNA-typed – by costumed cretins as a routine thing? To stand (or sit in our cars) meekly awaiting our turn?

Consider where this may lead. Where it will probably lead.

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