CNN: Bradley Manning ‘Betrayed’ America

Even in the face of complete public opposition, the tired mainstream media machine continues its assault on whistleblowers who dare to expose the government. In the latest bout, CNN has featured a story painting Bradley Manning as a terrorist, entitled ‘Bradley Manning betrayed America’.

And if you support Bradley Manning and whistleblowers like Snowden and others? Well, according to the CNN piece, you must be an ‘anti-American left-winger’.

Before we dive into this CNN piece by propagandist Gabriel Schoenfeld, who writes like he should be a speech writer for Obama, it’s essential to understand the entire angle of the article. You must remember that we now live in a society where every single thing we do, or even think, can be classified as an act of terrorism under DHS regulation. From simply complaining about our tap water to being political activists, we now have on the record admission from both state and federal officials that the DHS’ classification of a ‘terrorist’ is broad enough to apply to 100% of the population.

In fact, all we have to do to see the true extent of this is to go back to the bombshell report out of a recent German newspaper. Posted up online and translated to English, the article reveals that the United States military is actually targeting those who oppose genetically modified organisms in the food supply. And as it turns out when examining the average statistics from polling agencies, about 93-96% of the US population is in favor of going ahead and labeling GMOs.

So, with these numbers, that means at least 93-96% of the US population can now be classified as terrorists under this factor alone.

See how easy it is to go ahead and throw the entire population under the label of a terrorist?

But there’s certainly much more to the Bradley Manning story. You see Bradley Manning didn’t just engage in the terrorist act of complaining about his tap water or wanting to know what’s on his dinner table. Instead, he actually is doing the job of a true soldier — to uphold the Constitution and expose corruption. Now facing 136 years in prison for leaking essentials items like the video that details the murder of two Reuters journalists in Iraq, which also ended in the death of seven others, Bradley Manning is an example of a necessary whistleblower.

But when we have a government run by a political mafia, it should come as no surprise that Hilary Clinton and other top level political mafia players are pushing to get Bradley Manning thrown away forever — even pushing the death penalty for the young Army private. All because he is really messing up the way the game is played by these mafia masters.


Now enter CNN contributor Gabriel Schoenfeld, a fellow of the Hudson Institute think tank funded by the likes of Monsanto, IBM, Syngenta, Exxon, and Merck. Also an organization that always sends a representative to the notorious Bilderberg group each year. In his CNN piece, Schoenfeld touches upon the same old ‘terrorist’ rhetoric we’ve heard so many times that even the percentage of the general public that hides under the covers at night in fear of al-Qaeda is tired of it.

In the article, which has 748 comments that are mostly tearing up the author and CNN’s tired rhetoric, Schoenfeld actually says those who support the idea of keeping government in check through whistleblowing in the manner of Snowden and Manning are ‘left-wing anti-Americans’. He writes:

“Those spewing such left-wing anti-Americanism are eager to pass over the fact that many of the documents Manning passed to WikiLeaks were dropped onto the Internet by Julian Assange and contained the names of individuals around the world who had met with American diplomats or cooperated with American forces.”

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