A Simple DIY Therapy That Could Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

A little over a two decades ago, two time Nobel Prize winning chemists Linus Pauling, PhD, and Dr. Mathias Rath, MD, developed a DIY protocol anyone can do to prevent and reverse cardiovascular disease. DIY means do-it-yourself, as in you don’t need to be supervised with its application and it’s probably not expensive.

They realized first that humans generally suffer from insufficient vitamin C since their bodies lack the gene to create it while most other mammals are able to create their own vitamin C. This leads to chronic sub-clinical scurvy, an invitation to other diseases, including heart disease.

They also discovered that only a particular subtype of LDL cholesterol,Lp(a), was the source of arterial wall damage that leads to arterial inflammation and plaque accumulation.

It’s a sticky small heavy molecule that manages to slip under the endothelial tissue of the arteries interior walls with the capacity to bind fibrin and membrane proteins of endothelial cells and monocytes, of which some are the immune system’s killer cells.

Lp(a) also stops plasminogen binding and plasmin generation. The inhibition of plasmin generation and the accumulation of Lp(a) on the surface of fibrin and cell membranes permits fibrin and cholesterol deposition at the sites of vascular injury.

So Lp(a) lipoproteins attacking weakened blood vessels is the major physiological source of cardiovascular disease.

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Here’s that Simple Double-Barreled Supplement Protocol

Common sub-clinical scurvy among humans is the background for weakened arteries and other blood vessels, as well as the heart’s own endothelial tissue. Two supplements were discovered that could strengthen blood vessels and remove Lp(a) lipoproteins from inner blood vessel walls.

Increased vitamin C was called upon to strengthen blood vessels and arteries with better flexibility by creating and adding collagen to blood vessel tissues. Collagen is the strong, fibrous stuff of flexible connecting tissue. Vitamin C needs to be continually replaced because it is destroyed by creating collagen.

The type of vitamin C supplement recommended is simply ascorbic acid. Two to three grams orally on a daily basis is recommended as a preventative, but that can be doubled if one has already had heart problems. A fat based derivative of ascorbic acid, ascorbyl palmitate, permits lower doses of vitamin C because its fat base makes it easier for fatty tissue cell walls to assimilate it.

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