The US Invades Jordan

I think the immediate US goal in rapidly expanding its Special Ops forces, Patriots, air wings, etc., in Jordan is to prevent the overthrow of the Jordanian puppet regime, to prevent encirclement of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, and Israel.

It looks reasonably clear now that Hizbollah has committed massive support to Assad’s forces in Syria and, with the growing support of Iraq, Iran, and Russia, is turning the tide of revolt back. Jordan would be an easy regime to overthrow and put the Shia forces on the border of Saudi Arabia, and thus threaten world oil supplies from the entire Persian Gulf.

The US is obviously also building up its forces for possible invasion and occupation of Syria. That would be another US catastrophe, since it would unite most Syrian forces against the US and trap the US in another Killing Field with its forces already over-stretched, shredded, and demoralized. It could also trigger a Great Regional War to destroy Saudi Arabia, the other Sheik tyrants, and the Israelis, which would unite Sunni Holy Warriors with the Shia for that purpose.

The Kearsarge amphibious assault ship apparently has 4,000 marines and can rapidly put in place the systems and facilities for massive US forces.

The US has ignited a vast Holy War in the Muslim World to try to divide and conquer them and impose new puppet regimes. But those who ignite Holy Wars die by Holy Wars when the Holy Warriors unite against them.

The US thinks the uprisings in parts of the Muslim World – Syria, Libya, Egypt – show that the world is divided. Of course, there are pro-Western, anti-Islamist minorities, especially in the capitals of the former US puppet regimes, but they are dead-enders, desperately trying to save themselves and their riches.

The Muslim World is united against Israel, the US, and Europe, especially the imperialist cinders of the UK and France. When the imperialists attack Muslims, they unite more. These are not totally corrupt puppet regimes like that of Afghanistan, which is loathed by almost all Afghans and will be replaced by Holy Warriors.

The Best of Jack D. Douglas