Jodi Arias Trial Is a Groundbreaking, Government Sponsored, Social Media Lynching!

American Justice has taken a shameful turn here with the murder trial involving a troubled young woman. Jodi Arias is on trial for her life but throngs of has been television pundits along with a Social Media lynch mob have been allowed to seriously corrupt our trial process.

With today’s technology the vast majority of jurors can be counted upon to break every rule to avoid media and get their verdict guidance from all the wrong places.

A public criminal trial was never an invitation to turn a metropolis into a worldwide entertainment event. Aside from a celebrity prosecutor mugging for photos with his new fans while signing autographs this inquisition extravaganza has been out-of-control from the beginning.

Cries of Justice for Travis Alexander, the young murder victim seem to suggest he will somehow be resurrected after the hanging of Jodi Arias. Millions of young women have injected themselves emotionally into this trial and are demanding the jury reach a guilty verdict and death sentence. They all want to watch a public execution.

The government here has sponsored this Roman Coliseum style event and should at least have opened a box office to collect money from the worldwide lynch mob. TV rights, advertising placards on the courthouse and the court personnel and witnesses should wear logo tee shirts. The shirts worn by the defendant and her lawyers could defray the defense costs. Absurd? No more absurd than what they have already created.

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