New Book 'Murder From Within' Uncovers the Truth Behind the JFK Conspiracy

Many people have postulated explanations to the inconsistencies and mysterious circumstances surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. In Murder From Within by Fred Newcomb and Perry Adams, the plot to remove President Kennedy from power and the subsequent cover up is revealed.

Tyler Newcomb, son of Fred Newcomb, acting as the torchbearer for the now deceased authors worked with his sister Valerie Woods to get Murder From Within published in memory of their father and his investigative partner.

“This book answers many of the questions left unanswered by the Warren Commission and shows Americans how to protect their institutions from other potential internal threats,” said Tyler Newcomb. “The finality of knowing for certain the circumstances around the assassination will give readers a sense of closure and peace.”

The authors were inspired to write this book as a result of lingering suspicion revolving around the JFK assassination. Fred Newcomb had just completed his study of how the famous Oswald backyard photos were doctored and Perry Adams was looking for a solid investigation of the assassination. The two teamed up together with their individual investigative talents to write numerous magazine and news articles, which they eventually turned into Murder From Within.

Unlike other books of its kind, Murder From Within attempts to solve the mysteries of the JFK assassination by utilizing over 50 interviews from eyewitnesses, including the two Secret Servicemen present in President Kennedy’s limo. This book explains with certainty why and how the plotters killed the president as well as how they erased all evidence of the crime. The authors reveal the identities of a small number of high-ranking government and Secret Service officials that executed the plot to take out President Kennedy in order to make way for the ambitious soon to be President Lyndon B. Johnson.

“The effects of the assassination are still being felt today from the aftermath of Johnson’s tragic presidency and his escalation of the costly Vietnam War,” said Tyler Newcomb. “From that time on, everything changed in our lives.”

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About the authors

Fred T. Newcomb was an award-winning advertising art director who began his study of the JFK assassination in 1966 when he showed how the notorious Oswald backyard photos were altered. After several trips to Dallas finding photographs and interviewing witnesses he came to understand a new theory that best explained what happened. Seven years later all of his efforts became the self-published manuscript Murder From Within. 100 copies were sent out to congressman, senators and FBI agents. Senator Barry Goldwater at the time praised the manuscript as “meticulously well documented”.

Perry Adams was a political scientist and editor of Probe, an investigative newspaper based out of Santa Barbara, Ca. who teamed up with Fred Newcomb when he was looking for a solid story about the Kennedy assassination. As a certified Librarian, Adams was indispensable in fact checking the record and editing the book.

Tyler Newcomb, son of Fred Newcomb, worked to publish Murder From Within along with his sister Valerie Woods as a tribute to their father. Tyler resides in Centerville, MA, Valerie in Tarzana, CA.