US Declares War on Us

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How to read the "confidential Justice Department memo" whitewashing Our Rulers' outright murder of serfs: as a declaration of war on us specifically and the world in general or as a suicide pact?

That is, assuming you can read it. Not only does the Injustice Department write in its native Jargon, but its screed also suffers from run-on sentences, acronyms, citations, and the bureaucrat's bewildering disregard for clarity and grammar. Then there are the factual errors and outright lies: to cite just one of innumerable examples, a sentence on page 5 asserts, "The Department assumes that the rights afforded by the Fifth Amendment's Due Process Clause, as well as the Fourth Amendment, attach to a U.S. citizen even while he is abroad." But "the Department" clearly "assumes" no such thing since its entire memo pooh-poohs both amendments and all their protection.

Even more pernicious is "the Department's" deliberate misreading of the Bill of Rights. That document never refers to "citizens" but purposefully to "people." Nor does it enumerate their rights: it cannot, because said rights are infinite in number. Rather, it constrains the State. To that end, it absolutely prohibits government from various crimes, including those "the Department" now encourages, regardless of "the people's" whereabouts or nationality.

But worse than the impenetrable prose and the falsehoods is the memo's wickedness. Utter, unmitigated, fathomless evil shrieks from every paragraph – so overwhelming and so nauseating that while the Injustice Department claims authorship, I contend that this commentary originated not in its halls, demonic as they are, but in Hell.

As such, it declares war on everyone everywhere, though it presumably exempts a handful of Feds – the ones who wrote this balderdash and those who will execute it, so to speak. After all, this "white paper" "concludes that the U.S. government can order the killing of American citizens if they are believed" – sans charge or trial – "to be u2018senior operational leaders' of al-Qaida or u2018an associated force' … " We've seen how messy such assassinations are: when the Fedcoats slaughtered a 16-year-old American citizen because of his father's identity – yeah, I thought corruption of blood went out centuries ago, too – they butchered eight other folks as well.

Combine Our Rulers' errant aim with their elastic definition of "terrorist." One of George "War Criminal" Bush's lickspittles memorably insisted that the word could encompass "little old lad[ies] in Switzerland." Not to be outdone, the Department of Homeland Destabilization-sorry, Security included America's veterans, anti-abortionists, Ron Paul's voters – in short, everyone. It seems, then, that we taxpayers are all terrorists. That makes each of us ripe for a federal rubbing out.

Add to these sobering facts Our Rulers' barbarity, which has already rendered us personae non gratae overseas. Now that a drone could strike us anywhere, at any time, taking out all those unfortunates nearby… hmmm. "International pariah" doesn't quite convey the desperation of our plight, does it? What country in its right mind will accept American refugees as more and more try to flee Our Rulers' escalating war on us?

"Oh, it's not that dire," you scoff. "The memo limits federal hit men to snuffing '"senior operational leaders" of al-Qaida or "an associated force."' And I'm just a plain old taxpayer-terrorist." Ah, but expanding the target to taxpayer-terrorists will be child's play for tyrants who wrung from the Fourth Amendment's adamant prohibition of "unreasonable search and seizure" authorization for the TSA's gate-rape.

On the other hand, we might also construe the memo as a suicide pact from dictators so overcome with guilt they want to die.

You'll recall that Our Rulers have long excoriated anyone who "provid[es] material support to terrorists" – or those they allege to so be. And then, what-ho, "[Wicked Witch of the West and Secretary of State Hillary] Clinton Admits US On Same Side As Al Qaeda To Destabilise Assad Government." Now, if fighting on the same side isn't "providing material support or resources to designated foreign terrorist organizations" – and not just any old terrorists, either, but America's arch-enemy, Al Qaeda – I don't know what is.

Recall as well that Al Qaeda owes its very creation to American busybodies and bureaucrats. Again, I'd say that's pretty material support.

Yet in their own memo, Our Rulers decree death for "senior operational leaders" of "an associated force." And what is more closely "associated" with Al Qaeda than the sociopaths who spent $3 billion of our money birthing it and currently battle beside it?

After annihilating liberty, the economy, millions of lives worldwide, and basic decency, perhaps Our Rulers have finally plumbed depths so satanic even they can't stand themselves. Maybe they're pleading for someone to end their miserable existences with a drone.

Alas, I fear we're insanely optimistic. These unconscionable monsters will continue marching their megalomaniacal, murderous path until the rest of the world finally tires of them, as it did of Hitler. With their risible but deadly War on Terror, their international skullduggery and manipulation, their cruelty, corruption and now, the signing of our death warrants en masse, the Feds are as much a rogue regime as the Nazis ever were. And they are conjuring the perfect storm: stripping us of our guns while codifying "indefinite military detention" and their "right" to murder anyone anywhere.

Let us pray über Alles rise against this Axis of evil.