Add ‘Gun Buy-Backs’ to the State’s Orwellian Lexicon

by Chris Rossini Economic Policy Journal

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Wherever The State extends its cancerous influence, a bizarro upside-down disaster results. One of its most important tools is the twisting of language.

  • Politicians incessantly use phrases like "it’s what the American people want", when it’s most often what their cronies want. The free market, on the other hand, has something called profits and losses, specifically tailored to relay to everyone what people really want.
  • The counterfeiting Federal Reserve, that pick-pockets your purchasing power, says that it’s administering an "Elastic Currency" via "Quantitative Easing."
  • When The State steals from one and gives to another, the recipient refers to it as a "benefit". The more bolder sucklings are now starting to call it a "right".

There are surely many more that can be added to the list, and feel free to leave them in the comments if you’d like.

But, since "Gun Control" is at the top of The State’s power grab list these days, we can add Gun "Buy-Backs" to the list.

If the government is buying the gun back, are we to presume that they were the original owner to begin with?

Are we merely just giving them their guns back?

And isn’t it ironic to give your guns to government?…an institution that has brought more mass death than any other gang on earth. Just in the 20th century alone, governments killed hundreds of millions.

Correct me if I’m wrong here, but didn’t the U.S. government drop two atom bombs? Aren’t they the only nation on earth to ever do such a thing?

They’re supposed to be in charge of "gun control"?

The State twists everything into a bizarre upside-down disaster.

Don’t get sucked into its linguistic black hole.

Reprinted with permission from Economic Policy Journal.