23 Ultimate Survival Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything

by Lisa Bedford The Survival Mom

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This list isn’t for the faint of heart, nor for the person on a tighter-than-tight budget. However, if money allows and you want to give the ultimate gift to your favorite prepper or survivalist, here’s a list from practical to extravagant.

SIRT Training Pistol, must order by Dec. 13 for guaranteed Christmas arrival. Use coupon code 12sm12 to save 20% off the pistol and all Next Level Training products, good through January 1, 2013.

Jon Bullivant Urban Survival Gear Solar Backpack — Without a doubt, the very best survival kit I have ever seen. Includes a ballistic shield. This one has everything. Watch for a video review on my blog.

A SteriPEN water purifier. One for each emergency kit and the Sidewinder for off the grid action.

The MedCall Kit — Not cheap, but equipped with common prescription strength meds and loaded with vital supplies.

A Global Sun Oven — Save $80 on a loaded solar oven kit!

A Goal Zero solar generator. Quiet and needs only sunlight.

Emergency Evacuation Cart

Polartec blanket

How about a still for making homemade brew, for bartering purposes, of course!

A tactical vest complete with a holster and magazine pouches.

Every hard core prepper needs their own pocket geiger counter, right?

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