Left-Wing Lawyer Who Founded the Modern Buckley-Based Conservative Movement Defends Obama

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The most famous defection from the Buckley wing of the conservative movement was Garry Wills. That was in the late 1960s. But there was another, less famous: a lawyer who reversed course in the 1990s.

Yesterday, I received an email from him. It was a response to my article on Obama.

I am an attorney licensed in both the District of Columbia and Texas. I am admirer of your daily writings, many of which I find invaluable.

However, my research indicates that the two Obamas properly and voluntarily surrendered their Illinois law licenses upon his being elected President. Had they not done so they would have been subject to criticism.

They were not sanctioned in any way by the Illinois Bar.

If they had done anything wrong while practicing law before his being elected in 2008, don’t you think the Republicans on the House and Senate Judiciary Committees would be howling to the moon about it? Their silence on the issue speaks volumes about the truth of the matter.

This is a classic lawyer’s final statement to the jury, presented by a lawyer who is clearly losing his case. It contains a desperation move, one deliberately calculated to deceive the jury.

It is odd that he sent it to me. I am the prosecuting attorney.

Can you spot the deception? I will give you a hint. I wrote in my article:

They got to the top socially by getting certified by way of Columbia University, Princeton University, and law school. They had it made. And then . . . whammo! No more law degrees. No more certification. They had learned to manipulate academia, but they failed to manipulate the Illinois Bar Association. First, it was Michelle in 1994. Then Obama in 2008. The mainstream media have of course covered this up, but Google uncovers it.

Now can you see it?

Michelle Obama lost her license in 1994. But he wrote this:

However, my research indicates that the two Obamas properly and voluntarily surrendered their Illinois law licenses upon his being elected President. Had they not done so they would have been subject to criticism.

Let’s see: Obama surrendered his license in January 2008, when he was running against Hillary for the nomination. He had not yet been elected.

Let’s see: Michelle surrendered hers in 1994. Why? Because her husband – a civil rights lawyer in Chicago – was planning to be elected President in 2008, so she thought it would be a good idea to surrender the license that she had earned at Harvard Law School, at years of personal cost. I can hear his summary argument.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I ask you: Shouldn’t a faithful and loyal wife voluntarily surrender her law degree 14 years before her husband was elected President? Of course she should have done this. I think this should be obvious to anyone looking at the chronology of their joint actions.”

Does this sound plausible to you? It doesn’t to me.

Did Romney surrender his license? No. Did either of the Clintons surrender theirs? No. Did Nixon surrender his? No. But our lawyer thinks there is nothing suspicious. “Move along. There is nothing to see here.”

My argument was this: Obama’s handlers are using this as the rod of correction. I have argued that the same people control access to the presidential nominations of both parties. You can read my article here.

The Republican lawyers in Congress in 2008 were just like the Democrat lawyers: they closed ranks when one of their peers was . . . maybe not disbarred, but removed. Lawyers have loyalty to the guild. So, they kept quiet in 2008 about Barack/Barry’s surrendering of his law credential. The handlers of both parties sent down word to ignore this. Not one major media outlet ran a story on this, which was a huge event in his career. I searched. (Maybe I used the wrong search words.) The blackout would have been total, except for one thing: the World Wide Web. Even with the Web, the story is not widely known.

The Obamas did what we never hear of any lawyer doing, except when threatened with disbarment: they surrendered their lawyer guild licenses.

If you want to know why Obama’s rhetoric is within the boundaries set by the Establishment, this is one reason. They vetted him. They know he is housebroken.

September 6, 2012

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