The Truth About the Lies About the Chicago ‘Terrorists’


The Chicago Police Department was recorded harassing these people as they got into town. They were called “Commie faggots” and other obscene epitaphs. These very same individuals recorded the incident and put the video online. The Chicago Police Department was fuming because judge declared early in the week that the Illinois law prohibiting the recording of police officers breaking the law was unconstitutional. The video that was place online line makes police look really bad. So, the CPD police chief said the video was purposely edited to make them look bad. These individuals countered the false charge by putting the entire video online to show how terrible the police acted. Instead of admitting the police were engaged in wholesale tyranny, the police get more upset and decide to retaliate.

Two days later the CPD raids the very place where these people were staying. As Chicago has always opted for gangster government the police raid the house without a warrant signed by a judge or any other previous investigative evidence. The CPD holds those people in secret, not even letting their lawyers know where they are being held. Then police then wait until after 2 am. the next day to charge them so that no one notices the lies being spewed by the Chicago Police Department.

When people finally noticed that the CPD claimed the raid was part of a month-long investigation, important questions begin being asked that the CPD can’t answer. These people all lived outside the city and had only come to Chicago during the last few days. So the question is: How is it the CPD was involved in an investigation involving people who all came from different states? The CPD could not have been conducting multiple investigations in other states outside their jurisdiction. And, if this were the case, why is it the FBI was not called in immediately?

The Chicago Sun-Times is a disgrace for so gullibly printing such nonsense. Why is in no reporter in the media was able to find this out? Why is it that a person who merely writes as a hobby was able to obtain all this information and expose the truth while the media serves as stenographers for powerful interests that oppose truth and justice? Does anyone think that anything put out by the mainstream media is anything more than mindless drivel? Why is it the media treats facts and truth with such abhorrence. Why is it the media unquestionably accepts lies and pays such deference to those who abuse their power? If the mainstream media at least put all the facts out there before presenting this farce as the truth so as to give people both sides of the story, then there would not be such an issue involving shabby reporting and media censorship.

The National Lawyers Guild, with every single one of their members being officers of the court, spoke out vehemently against this police state criminality while the media has stated this was a great triumph in counter-terrorism whereby imminent attacks were foiled.

These people had beer bottles and brewed their own beer. They had all the ingredients to brew beer. They had credit card receipts showing past purchases of ingredients for brewing beer. I am surprised the FBI is not saying the were creating biological weapons when they bought yeast and were conducting “fermentation operations” for WMDs.

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