My Favorite Baby Wheelgun

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Chicago, IL – On the mean streets of the Windy City carrying a defensive weapon is a real necessity. Politicians here have satisfied their political whims and desire to control the law-abiding folks with unconstitutional gun bans. The actual written criminal defense of, “Necessity” along with the Bill of Rights trumps these political parasites.

Chicagoans need to commute to work, shop and maintain social relationships as they seek out food and entertainment. The Chicago Police Department is undermanned, outgunned and totally demoralized. Self-help for survival is really the only choice these days aside from moving from this bankrupt metropolis.

It is very simple when you’re threatened, you must learn to shoot, scoot and stay mute. Don’t feel sorry for your dead or wounded cowardly attackers since they made their wicked choice to victimize you.

The pictured five-shot revolver is equipped with Secret Service Kirenite grips. The little gun itself is the S&W #340 Air Lite PD in .357 Magnum. This small ultra-light little item is highly concealable and comfortable to carry. I will warn you that it is no substitute for a modern large caliber, semi-automatic pistol but it may get you out of a real life threatening jam.

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