How To Easily Create Your Own Rope Ladder


In today’s Knot of the Week, I’ll show you such a simple way to create a Rope Ladder, you’ll wonder how you never knew about it!

That’s the way I felt when I was shown this technique at Boy Scout Adult Leadership training I attended this past weekend. I’ve lashed together a Rope Ladder before, but never with this simple of a technique!

What you’ll see is a field expedient way to quickly throw together a ladder in a rescue situation or to complete the final touches on a Pioneering project. A truly a versatile technique that you should throw into your knotty toolbox.

Ladder Lashing Lashings

The ladder lashing should be created with natural fiber rope like Manilla, due to it gripping wooden rungs better. Natural fiber is always superior to nylon (or even paracord) in lashing situations, because of how it bites into wood that you’ll typically be using. This of course is dependent on rough wood and not slick wood. Natural fiber rope can also be soaked in water prior to lashing for a stronger hold when it dries in the lashed position.

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