Prepare for the Bartering Boom

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One thing is for sure, bartering for goods and services boom during tough times. Many situations can cause a person to barter for goods. It could be as simple as neighbors exchanging skills and services to help each other out, or it could be due to economic turmoil, currency inflation, a bug out situation or natural disaster.

It is safe to say that America is in a full fledged depressionary period and as the people are starting to feel the effects of the economic dead fall, they will look for alternate ways of obtaining products. We are in a bartering economy. In fact, many residents in Massachusettes are turning to bartering goods and services in order to fight off the tight finances of this day and age.

Recently in an article in USA Today, Craigslist postings in the bartering section have gone up 100% according to Craigslist spokesperson, Susan MacTavish Best.

Whatever the case may be, bartering for goods or services, in a SHTF scenario, will be more valuable than the paper dollar. People will need goods to keep them a float, and maintain their survival supplies, as well as to have simple, yet affordable indulgences. Initially, a person will want to acquire the basic survival needs in a bug out situation. Initially, in a dire situation where people are unprepared to leave they will need survival goods (food, clothing, shelter, clothing and protection). In an economic crisis, skills of knowing how to find food, fixing cars, gardening, making items such as animal pens, etc will be useful in a bartering situation. Having some extra of these items in your long term storage could be used for bartering and trading:

  • Baby Formula/Cloth Diapers — In a bad situation, Mama Bears will do just about anything to take care of their cubs.
  • Seeds — I cannot stress how important having seeds is to survive. A true prepper is not only prepping for short term situations, but on long term situations and supplies to sustain a family for as long as possible.
  • Micro Livestock — Livestock that are small, produce and do not take much to room to thrive such as chickens, ducks, pygmy goats and rabbits can provide food and manure for farming.
  • Weapons — In a bad situation having weapons to protect yourself, family and property is priority #1. Having extra weapons and accouterments that go along with weapons will be one of the top bartering items. Items such as: Knives, Hunting Knives (heavy bladed knives for hunting), Ammunition/Guns. When purchasing extra bullets and guns, stick with the most popular models.
  • Mason Jars — Preserving your garden foods, meat, etc will provide food during the cold, winter months. Many people, especially in the city no longer preserve their foods on their own. They will need canning jars.
  • First Aid Kits — In any article regarding bugging out, and preparing for a given emergency, a first aid kit full of supplies is always mentioned. These days, people are not prudent and do not prepare for the worst. First aid supplies, such as suturing needles, thread, saline solution, gauze and celox will be in high demand.
  • Vitamins — Keeping your self healthy and illness free is a top priority. If a person becomes vitamin deficient, ailments such as scurvy will become prevalent.
  • Tools — Simple hand tools are an essential on any supply list. Pick axes, hand saws, shovels, hammers, wrenches, and screw drivers.

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