Gold Is the Hottest Currency in the World


The price of gold is roaring back from its latest temporary correction, sending the bears into full withdrawal. If you sold your gold in December as it fell to $1525 an ounce, you’re probably feeling foolish at the incredible $210 rise to $1735 – a 15% move in no time at all.

Gold, you see, is not a commodity like oil and copper and wheat. It is rather an alternative currency – one that finds buyers when paper currencies like the Euro are being hugely increased in supply by the ECB to forestall a sovereign cum bank crisis in Europe. There’s $650 billion in European bank and sovereign debt coming die before March 31, 2012 which can be sopped up by the $650 billion gift from ECB to the banks at the bargain rate of 1%. And more available from the European central bank – Europe’s very own Quantitative Easing program.

As the supply of gold cannot keep up with paper money (supply increases very little despite exploration), and it can be bought without loss of any real interest income, it seems clear that the gold bull market is alive and well. Central banks obviously are of the mind that gold’s rise will make up for the decline in paper money and the lack of income on central bank liquid investments.

Then, too, the speculators already dumped 42% of their long positions between August and December, 2011 according to the High-Tech Strategist, a January 5, 2012 market letter by Fred Hickey that I strongly recommend. Hedge funds sold to meet redemptions. Hot money ran at warnings by technicians.

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