Obama’s Fascist ‘Emergency Test’

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It seems that every day there is some new proposal or scheme coming from the federal government to remind us of the ruling class's audacious craving for control. Well, here is a further example of the government's fascism run amok, a scheme that has given me further reason to promote real freedom even more emphatically:

On Wednesday, November 9th at 2 PM Eastern, the Obama Administration will seize control over all radio and TV broadcast communications, to conduct a "test" of the Emergency Broadcast System. For the first time, however, there will be nothing any individual station can do to prevent it, and, unlike past tests which lasted for only roughly 30 seconds, this unusual test will last approximately 3 minutes.

But, even though the government is supposed to announce that it is "only a test," and, given that it is to occur during the middle of a weekday, such a "test" still has potential to cause panic. Could the Obama Administration be subtly planning to incite anxiety and panic amongst the population? The evidence includes Obama flunkies such as ACORN having been intentionally inciting agitation at Wall Street protests, and Obama himself having been accused of incitement. It is therefore valid to suggest that the Administration is up to no good, such as testing a plan for something illicit, such as martial law. I have addressed possible Obama martial law here.

This reminds me of how FDR took advantage of much panic throughout America after the Crash of 1929 and during the Great Depression, in which he implemented one illicit scheme after another against the American people by the government. FDR seized control of whatever wealth that might have remained, through new restrictive regulatory policies, heavy tax-thefts and stealing the people's gold. The real purpose of such schemes was to ensure votes for Democrats for all eternity.

Obama himself has been expanding his own executive powers as President, has unleashed S.W.A.T. teams to arrest student loan defaulters and seize guitar makers' assets, as well as attempting to seize control over the entire health care industry.

Obama wants votes, he wants his Party to be in power, and he wants control. But in the end, he and most other politicians just do not want the people to have their freedom.

Now, I'm sure that some readers believe that I'm making a mountain out of a molehill with Obama's latest scheme. But how can anyone not be suspicious when a government seizes control over all radio and TV frequencies, and for such a lengthy duration? Three whole minutes?

This 3-minutes-of-silence scheme, and the panic it may cause, is yet another reason why Americans are going to have to make a choice, and soon. The choice is between freedom and tyranny.

Unfortunately, some indoctrinated Americans believe that it's worth waiting until the 2012 elections, and then we can get our freedom back. Sorry, that is just not realistic.

As each day passes, we have more crimes committed against us by government officials, from the DHS and TSA to the militarized local government police, and crimes committed by our government against foreigners. We are increasingly less free, and our rights to life, liberty and property are increasingly infringed by government bullies. The American Revolutionaries had a Revolution for reasons far more petty and trivial than the crimes of violence, theft, and trespass our local, state and federal governments have been committing against us.

But why are Americans so sheepish and gullible, and knowingly and willingly being such co-conspirators in their own slavery, their own imprisonment by the State?

Thanks to many decades of government-controlled schools and our lowest common denominator-oriented culture, so many people are indoctrinated to not question or challenge the current system that's in place, to not think about their own serfdom.

I just want to live in a country of freedom. And what we need is to cleanse this land of what has wrecked it. That requires people willing to stand up for themselves.

If only we could get the majority of the population to engage in nullification of government demands, thefts and aggressions. The problem, however, is that the government would send out its goons to arrest people who are trying to protect themselves, their families and their means of sustenance. (And see here.)

But there are only so many goons, with so many badges and guns, you know.

And if only we could get those armed officials of government-monopolized police forces to realize that it would be in their better interest to join the people's side against the government. If these official armed agents really thought about it, they would see that the benefits of freedom far outweigh the immediate-gratification arousals of their short-term power-grabs.

All human beings have a God-given right to their freedom, and, if you're familiar with the American Founders' speeches and writings, you would know that they founded America to be a place for people to be free. And I'm not referring to a little freedom that a mighty central government allows us to have in some instances – I mean genuinely free. This includes the freedom from the federal government seizing control over all the broadcast airwaves for three minutes, doing God knows what.

And here are some more examples of real freedom:

In this example, some workers go into their offices or factory and do their jobs. Then they get their paycheck, which is for 100% of the amount their employer promised when they were hired. Why? Because they did 100% of the work. The workers spend the money, deposit it into their savings account, or write a check for their local church or charity. What is absent here? The workers' having to report their earnings to some bureaucrat in Washington. And the threat of IRS police goons banging on their door is also absent. You see, this is called freedom. The human right to voluntary exchange, the right to not be a serf, and the right of one's private contracts with others to not be encroached by intruders (i.e. the government). (And see here and here.)

Here is another example: A family decides to homeschool their kids. They research what kind of curriculum would be appropriate for their kids' ages, level of achievement and abilities, according to these parents' own judgment. The parents make their decisions based on their knowledge of various factors and what they think is best for their kids. No bureaucrats. No "Child Protection Services" social workers barging in and trespassing. No S.W.A.T. teams being sent over to terrorize the family and kidnap the children. And if parents prefer to keep their kids out of the government-run schools and put them into alternative educational settings, they are not obligated to inform any local or federal government bureaucrat, because those things are none of anyone else's damn business! This is what I mean by freedom. Real, honest-to-God freedom, which is our natural right to have.

In those two examples, the problem with our enslaved society is that the State believes that it owns your body, your labor, your private contracts and your property. And many amongst the population agree with this sentiment, consciously or not.

And the State believes that it owns your children as well.

There are plenty more examples of what I mean by freedom, in trade, milk freedom, freedom of self-defense [.pdf], free banking, freedom from being tracked by the government, and so on.

So what does all that have to do with the Obama Administration seizing control over the airwaves for three whole minutes, scheming and conniving? Well, Americans have passively and gullibly let this federal Leviathan slip one intrusion after another into our society, and each day that goes by we have less and less freedom. America is now a police state, and it is getting worse each day.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who just don't want to live in a society of freedom. They prefer the comfort of a State-controlled society, in which they remain children their whole lives, they don't have to make decisions for themselves, and they don't have to take responsibility for the consequences of their actions. Many prefer to live a life of infantilization as adults.

But most of all, it is those very bureaucrats in control in Washington who especially don't want the people to have their freedom.

But in a society with so much government control, the police state in which we now live, living the life of a prisoner is not what the Founders had in mind, and it isn't my kind of society.

No, I want a society of freedom, in which the neighbors and the State all mind their own business and stop trespassing into the lives of others.

You can call me a "conspiracy theorist" if you wish, but people need to see the red flags when the federal government will silence the airwaves for three whole minutes.