Society’s Greatest Paradox Is Your Greatest Risk

Our modern society is full of dependence on big systems. The ‘big ag’ system that transports our food thousands of miles from field to fork . The electrical grid. Police security. Fuel logistics. Even retirement, public health, and welfare.

Most of these are either controlled, or heavily influenced by government. Even the poorest among us are recipients of these government safety nets… which gives us all something that the hunter-gatherers from thousands of years ago never had.

But are these safety nets – the big systems – as secure as we have been led to believe?

This video reveals disturbing signs that they are NOT.

These big systems do NORMALLY provide security, food, shelter, power, etc. when everything is going along just fine. And they also provide us with lots of mindless entertainment to distract us from the cold, harsh reality that ancient hunter-gatherers understood intimately:

He who fails to prepare will perish. There is little room for mistakes.

So while society protects us most of the time, MOST people are MORE vulnerable than an ancient hunter-gatherer when something disrupts these big systems. Few people realize it.

You may be surprised that history (especially recent history) proves without a doubt that society’s safety nets are incredible fragile… full of possibilities for disruption. Black Swan events, if you will.

How will the food system react if oil hits $200/barrel? What happens to the local police when cities and states start going bankrupt? How do we fill up our vehicles if there’s major unrest in the Middle East? What happens to the electrical grid if there’s a major cyberattack?

There are so many possibilities, and no one can afford to bet that everything will always be fine. Yet that’s what most people are doing.

What will amaze you is how easy it is to have the best of both worlds… to enjoy society AND be prepared when something goes wrong.

I’m a father and a husband, and I’m passionate about providing for my loved ones in good times and bad – and I would NEVER gamble our very survival on fragile social safety nets.

I’d like to show you what I’ve done to protect my family – I think it’s worth your while, and it’s absolutely free. You’ll get a lot of great ideas to build your own preparations that will keep you safe in a crisis.