Catholic Show Exposes Rockefeller Assault on Church, Life


An online Catholic TV show dubbed the Catholic Investigative Agency (CIA) dedicated a recent episode to exposing the Rockefeller Foundation’s ties to eugenics groups, population-control advocates, efforts at global governance, pro-abortion activities, and other highly controversial subjects.

The program, run by Catholic media personality Michael Voris, also highlights the Rockefeller dynasty’s assault against the church – one of the primary opponents of Rockefeller-backed schemes. From the Foundation’s efforts to “purify” humanity by manipulating the gene pool to population-control campaigns aimed at reducing the number of people on Earth, the Rockefellers’ agenda has been consistently at odds with church teachings.

The thesis of the CIA episode is presented early on. “The Rockefeller Foundation is actively undermining the Catholic Church and in the process attempting to erase man’s natural orientation to the eternal,” the show explains. Indeed, after watching the program, that fact becomes obvious.

Among the most important topics covered in the short episode are the methods used by the Rockefeller Foundation and its affiliates to neutralize opposition from Catholic universities. Starting in the early 1960s with the University of Notre Dame and its president, Fr. Theodore Hesburgh, the Rockefeller family essentially used its vast fortune to buy the compliance of Catholic higher education. The efforts were extremely successful.

“Once Notre Dame – the leading Catholic university in the nation – sold out, practically every other Catholic university followed suit,” explains Voris, who graduated from Notre Dame in 1983. He blasts the cooperation between the Rockefeller Foundation and Catholic institutions as “part of a self-absorbed trading of souls for foundation funding.”

“With population control money pouring into the coffers of Catholic universities, the plan could proceed to advance contraception and abortion as tools in population control,” he explains. “And Catholic universities played an impressive role in warping the minds of young Catholics and steering them away from the truth.”

Before getting into details about the Rockefeller Foundation and its support for various abhorrent movements and ideas, the show briefly explores the family’s history. The saga begins with Johann Peter Rockefeller, who left Germany for New Jersey in the early 1700s.

John D. Rockefeller, widely considered the founding patriarch of the immensely wealthy clan after his success in creating Standard Oil, was born to one of Johann’s descendants: William Rockefeller – an unsavory character who fled New York after being accused of raping a 15-year-old girl, according to the program. William then left his wife and children to marry a younger woman, eventually taking yet another lover on the side.

At the turn of the 20th century, John D. Rockefeller, Jr. took over his father’s wildly successful enterprises. And that’s where the family’s role in “controlling and manipulating the fate of mankind,” as the video puts it, really got underway. John, Jr. was the first family member to openly back the eugenics movement.

After over a decade of family “philanthropy,” the Rockefeller Foundation was officially established in 1913 with a supposed mission to “promote the well-being of mankind throughout the world.” Wealthy family members promptly filled its coffers with cash. That money was then funneled into a variety of projects – many having to do with eugenics and population control.

Following World War II and the defeat of Hitler’s National Socialist (Nazi) regime, the word eugenics was forever tainted in the public mind. So the Rockefeller Foundation and its allies like Planned Parenthood – founded by a radical racist to eliminate races and peoples she considered inferior – engaged in a re-branding campaign while continuing to support the same agenda.

Birth control was one of the primary tools. Numerous methods of contraception were developed and promoted using foundation money. And of course, the Catholic Church was once again one of the most vocal and powerful opponents.

Despite pouring unfathomable amounts of money into promoting the schemes, however, opposition to Rockefeller goals was still strong. That’s why influence over the educational system and young minds became a critical focus of the foundation. The first target was higher education.

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