LBJ’s Great-Grandkids

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LBJ’s Great Society ended up being about paying single mothers with poor work skills to have more children, it encouraged the fathers to leave the family nucleus so the LBJ bucks would roll in. LBJ would take care of everything, including the education.

This "gift" from LBJ (with your money, btw) fell disproportionately on blacks in America, which as a result of earlier Jim Crow laws made it difficult, if not impossible, for black Americans to fit into mainstream America. Yup, the mess created by the state and local governments via Jim Crow laws, was going to be fixed by introducing, surprise, more government into the picture, by, among other things, LBJ’s Great Society.

On top of LBJ’s Great Society, minimum wage laws were regularly raised, at the encouragement of unions, which made it difficult for black Americans to find jobs and gain work skills. The situation remains pretty much the same today. Unemployment for black Americans is exceptionally high and on top of it black Americans who do get jobs often end up getting jobs in the government which means they don’t learn skills that the free market is looking for, but instead learn how to push paper around and be generally bureaucratic.

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2011 Economic Policy Journal