A Tale of Two Elections: Historic or Unimportant


The 2012 Presidential election has the potential to be one of historic proportions. It could be the event that gives liberty back to our Republic. It has the makings of being the most significant election since Lincoln's reign of terror began in 1860.

Abraham Lincoln set the precedent of aggressive war and transformed our republican form of government into a nationalistic democracy, by conquering the states and giving birth to the frankenstein-like federal monster we know today.

The sins of Lincoln are becoming more well known by the day but for those who still believe in the myth of Honest Abe; this link is a good place to begin educating yourself.

The purpose of this article is not to bash Lincoln nor to rehash history. The indisputable fact is we are in a mess. The question is what can we do about it? Most people reading this know the answer. We know that the best way to enact true change is by making Ron Paul the President of the United States. This begs the follow up question: Do we have the guts?

I did something today that I have been dreading, something that made me absolutely sick: I went to my local dmv and registered Republican. I am asking you to do the same. I am asking you to ask your friends to do the same and for them to ask their friends. You can do this with the solace of knowing it is for the sake of liberty.

Ron Paul can defeat Obama in 2012 with relative ease. He is the only Republican that will appeal to the President's youthful antiwar base. The young Obama voters of 2008 are still hungry for change and can become the young Paul voter's of 2012. In order for this to happen, he must first win the Republican nomination which he simply can't do without the help of his supporters.

This will take a concerted effort from Libertarians, Voluntarist, Anarchist, Independents, and even Democrats who care about peace and prosperity. The fact is if you don't switch party affiliation and vote for Ron Paul, you just may never get to vote for him at all. One can always switch back immediately after the primary, I will!

We have a chance to make 2012 the most important presidential election in over 150 years. It is within our power to fire a shot that can be heard around the world. We can tell the world that the the time has come for peaceful prosperity, individualism, and liberty to reign supreme. We can do this, or we can sit back, do nothing, and get more of the same.

If Ron Paul wins the Republican nomination it will be the single most important election in modern history. If he does not win it will be as unimportant as any other. We have one choice and one chance; I hope we take it.