Forget Reform Through Government

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Many years ago I listened to a detailed discussion by Ralph Nader and his team of legal advisors at a Book Fair on C-Span about why they had no chance of winning a presidential election. Simply put, they could not legally get on the ballots in enough states even with their immense teams of lawyers because the Republicans and Democrats had cooperated in passing a mass of complex, variable laws that created endless loopholes and obstructions at the state levels to make sure that no outsider like Ross Perot, even with billions of dollars, could ever again get on enough state ballots to win at the presidential level. I already knew that in general, but it was good to have such insider experience confirming my findings over the years. This morning I heard Candy Crowley of CNN interviewing Ron Paul about his Republican run for the presidential nomination. They noted the immense road blocks to any outsider inside the Party tent winning – or even getting enough Media attention to be back in the pack. She asked him if he would consider an independent run if he was blocked inside the Party. He said he’d tried that many years ago and they spent half their money just trying to get on the ballots, obviously not succeeding enough to have a chance, so he will not try that again.

All of those people could have gone into all the details about the many layers of legal and other obstacles the Republicrats have put in place to stop anyone from winning the presidency except a Party insider approved by the oligarchs and corporate money people who run the Party and its two wings. They could especially have talked about the ways the giant Corporations in the Party have bought up the Big Media, from the networks to the newspapers, and used them to shut out anyone persona non grata to the Party’s shadowy rulers. When did you last see Ralph Nader mentioned in the Corp. Media of the Party? Ron Paul has been The Invisible Man of American politics for decades because they shut him out of daily coverage, debates, etc., just like Ralph. They now give him some rough going-over at times in the Media because of the Tea Party and the more general voter insurgency among bright young people. But I’ve seen instances in which they simply drop him from the listing of poll results even though he is among the few top people and totally within striking distance of any one at the top by a few points. Ralph is totally disappeared. Is he dead or just Media Dead? I don’t know.

This Big Media Disappearance of any non-Party person who challenges the rulers of the Party is not due to the general dumbing down of the news going on relentlessly in the U.S., like in education and politics and almost all of public life. The Media chatter on and on endlessly about vapid Party hacks like Romney and Obama and all kinds of empty headed, very ignorant people like Sarah Palin. These outsiders are new faces with new ideas and vast knowledge who would boost ratings. But they are persona non grata to both wings of the Party, so they are brought on only briefly to hose them down or try to make them look silly or “crazy.”

The people who run the Party obviously see this closing of the party to real challengers with real reforms as vitally important to their retaining total power in the U.S. If someone will tacitly agree to stay inside or come inside the Party Tent and tone down his demands for Real Reforms, they may tolerate him [following LBJ’s rule that it is better to have someone inside the tent pissing out than someone outside pissing in].

I think they are completely right that they can only retain total power in the U.S. IF they repress all real, serious challenges of Real Reformers from outside and inside the Party. But what they apparently do not realize is that by creating a vast one party state that is steadily building a totalitarian police state with vast armies of secret police from the NSA to the CIA and DEA and on and on [sixteen visible secret police armies in the U.S.], they are dooming themselves and the u.s. to closure which prevents any effective reforms to adapt to the rapidly changing world situations, so they have doomed the party and the u.s. to implosion very much as the Soviet party rulers doomed themselves to implosion in the same way.

As I have said in immense detail in hundreds of essays, the U.S. is trapped by the Party and its vast, closed System by a growing crescendo of booms and busts. Their latest Great Global Bubble produced a Great Global Crash and Great Global Crisis in which we are trapped and oscillating downward toward implosion. The Party keeps producing the same crises on a more and more immense scale by doing the same things over and over again. They are now totally encapsulated inside their closed Party. They produced a Great Crisis and then responded by doing more and more of the same things on a more and more immense scale that produced the Bubble that crashed and produced this Great Crisis.

The world is changing faster and faster. Our catastrophic problems in this Great Crisis are getting worse and worse more and more rapidly. But the Party is incapable of responding in basically new, creative, effective ways to meet the gruesome challenges we now face. Any really new reforms is simply forbidden as impossible and unthinkable – as crazy.

Arnold Toynbee showed early in the last century in immense detail, a lot of which I started reading in high school, that even great civilizations rapidly decay and disintegrate and “fall” – such as by outside conquest or implosion or both – when the rulers are closed off from the world and cannot respond in new, creative ways to meet the new challenges.

Republicrat U.S.A. has now become an extreme example of a society in which the ruling Party is closed off from the world, obsessed with building Party power and wealth, incapable of understanding the vast new developments in the world and totally incapable of creative responses to Reform our society to meet those changes in the world.

The party just trundles on and on like Frankenstein hell bent on walking off a cliff or killing some innocent people, totally oblivious to the cliff or forces closing in on him to destroy him.