Prepare For Another War

Marc Faber: Prepare For Another War

by Jonathan Chen

Marc Faber of the Gloom, Boom & Doom report spoke at the Ira Sohn Conference yesterday, and talked about the destructive nature of U.S. monetary and fiscal policy, and a way to play it.

Faber said that U.S. monetary and fiscal policy has created more volatility, and we can expect more of that going forward. Faber mentioned the Long Term Capital bailout, the liquidity that rushed in during Y2K, and the end result. The NASDAQ crashed, falling some 50%, and it still has not come close to those levels.

Faber said that not all growth in the country has occurred during inflationary environments, despite what the Federal Reserve wants you to believe. The U.S. grew from 4 million to 80 million people, and new industries were created during a deflationary environment. He mentioned industries such as railroads that prospered during the deflationary environment, and even mentioned that incomes rose during this time.

He is not confident that the Federal Reserve will be able to get it right this time, as it has not gotten it right before. The Fed missed raising rates by 3 years after the NASDAQ crash. The economy started to grow in November 2001, and the Fed started raising in June 2004, despite the need for it three years prior. The Fed is also slow to realize problems of containment, specifically in subprime, which obviously was not contained.

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