The Ultimate Self-Reliance Manual

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We talk a lot about self-reliance in our daily conversations, as well as in our premium service. It’s an incredibly important concept – our civilization is based on an array of complex systems upon which just about everyone depends, yet only a few men control.

Our money system, for example, is the lifeblood of the global economy, yet it is predicated on delusions of debt and fiat perpetuated by corrupt bureaucrats.

Our food system, responsible for what we put in our bodies, constitutes one of the single most important aspects of our lives… yet it is based on backroom deals with chemical companies which manufacture unnatural food-like substances trucked across unrealistically long, ‘just in time’ supply routes.

Our political system has a profound effect on the lives of most people, yet it legalizes theft, arrests productivity, and robs growth potential from the nation, all to ensure the lowest common denominator’s allegiance to a tiny elite.

Our energy system provides the essential grid that allows each of us to conduct our lives, drive our cars, heat our homes, surf the web… yet each element in the grid is susceptible to shutdown, overuse, attack, or other such failure that could create substantial turmoil.

In short, these systems are not robust… they are not designed to effectively deal with exogenous shocks, and even a casual glance at current events suggests that the storm clouds of exogenous shocks are gathering.

Becoming more self-reliant on all fronts – health, finances, and freedom – has never been more critical… and even in the unlikely event that there is no inflationary nosedive, resource shortage, or grid failure, you won’t be worse off for becoming more self-reliant.

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