• 13 Natural Remedies for Sunburn

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    While we should always try to avoid getting a sunburn, at times the power of the sun can sneak up unexpectedly on our skin. From redness, irritation, peeling, pain, swelling, to unsightly blisters, sunburns can last from three to seven days, and can be highly uncomfortable. When we get a sunburn, what we are actually suffering from is an acute inflammation of the skin cells, caused by the powerful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

    Many people are unaware that the chemicals they put on their skin can cause sun exposure to produce inflammation of the skin as well. This is particularly true in the case of products which are full of chemicals, such as perfumes, facial creams, chemical deodorants, etc. When sunburn does occur, nature offers us many cooling, soothing remedies to take the sting and bite out of a red sunburn.

    Natural Remedies for Sunburn:

    The following are my favorite natural remedies for providing relief for mild sunburn.

    1. Aloe Vera Gel or Cream – One of the best and quickest ways for treating mild sunburn, this African plant has extreme anti-inflammatory effects on burns. Aloe Vera also helps to heal wounds and preventing scarring. Rub the natural form of the gel (available in many health food stores, or even better, buy an aloe plant for your home) into the location of the burn and leave on the skin. Reapply as necessary. On a side note, aloe vera juice also has many health benefits when taken internally.

    2. Coconut Oil – A cooling oil that soothes burns, rub coconut oil onto the affected location and leave.
    3. Milk – Many people are unaware of the cooling properties of milk. If aloe vera gel is unavailable, dip a gauze pad into milk and apply it directly to the sunburn. Hydrotherapy – Taking a short, lukewarm bath, or using cool towel compresses aids in keeping the burn moist and cool. Do NOT use hot water, as this further strips the already damaged oils of the skin.
    4. Ozontated Olive Oil – Gently rub the ozonated olive oil paste on the sunburned area and let sit. This will help the area heal without blistering and/or peeling. O2-Zap works great for this.
    5. Increase Water Intake – A sunburn dehydrates the insides of the body, as our natural healing mechanisms attempt to bring more moisture to the burned area. Stay hydrated to avoid the headaches and fatigue that may accompany a sunburn.

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