Do You Suffer From the #1 Chronic Illness?

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Joint Pain or arthritis is the number one chronic illness in America. One person in 7 suffers from it.

Many people are successfully using glucosamine, chondroitins and MSM to manage pain and to supply building materials for joint repair. While these are very helpful, particularly with osteoarthritis, I would like to mention some other natural remedies for arthritis.

Devils Claw and Yucca have both been used traditionally for arthritic and rheumatic conditions. They are anti-inflammatory and cleansing to the joints. The cleansing action is particularly useful in gouty arthritis.

Celadrin is an ester of a fatty acid that acts as a lubricant, an immune system modulator and an anti-inflammatory. Clinical trials show phenomenal results. It is thought that Celadrin resets the immune system such that it does not attack and tear down the joints. Several customers have switched to a glucosamine / celadrin formula with very favorable results.

Hyaluronic Acid is used to lubricate and preserve moisture in the joints and it helps get nutrients to cells that don’t possess a blood supply – like your joints. Hyaluronic acid is also great for aging skin and dry eyes. It is available topically, for internal use, and by injection – it is now an ingredient in several joint formulas.

Natural anti-inflammatories known as COX-2 inhibitors – in reference to a specific enzyme that causes inflammation in the body. Much research has been done to identify natural COX-2 inhibitors which do not have the side effects of the prescription drugs such as Celebrex and Vioxx. Well known COX-2 inhibiting herbs include ginger, rosemary, turmeric and boswellia – my favorite combination is called Zyflamend – which is touted by some natural M.D.’s as being better than Celebrex and better for you.

Proteolytic enzymes are enzymes that reduce inflammation to levels at which the synthesis, repair and regeneration of injured tissues can take place. They are wonderful for both acute and chronic pain. They must be taken on an empty stomach or they will digest your food instead of your inflammation.

Boswellia (also known as frankincense) is excellent as an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. One of our best-selling pain relievers contains boswellia, devils claw and willow bark – customers report that it relieves their chronic pain.

Hydrangea is worth mentioning – it is an ingredient in a few good formulas that helps break down abnormal calcification. It is one of the ingredients in a horse formula that has dissolved bone spurs and is worth a try if nothing else has worked.

A whole body cleanse is an amazing tool to get rid of stored toxins that overload the body – sometimes leading to joint pain. Try one and see if it helps.

Last, but by no means least, are diet changes such as eliminating foods that trigger inflammation in the body such as white flour, orange juice, coffee, dairy, red meat, white sugar, or nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers). These diet changes can be as remarkable as any drug or supplement in eliminating joint pain and inflammation throughout the body.

Margaret Durst owns The Green House, a vitamin, herb and health food store in Mason, Texas.