Cell Phone Security: Mobile Phone Taps

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James Bond, Jason Bourne, and every other Hollywood spy with the initials J.B. use some pretty impressive technology to get around cell phone security and get the information they want out of their targets. Mobile phone taps are some of the tools now available to those who are not action heroes. There has been considerable discussion lately about the ease of eavesdropping on cell phone conversations through mobile phone taps and the lack of cell phone security. There are many products and hacks available which allow for monitoring of cell phone activity. Is your phone bugged and what can you do to keep your private information from being intercepted?

How Are Mobile Phones Tapped?

The most common way for someone to breach your cell phone security and surreptitiously listen to your phone calls, other than by the US government, is to install cell phone monitoring software directly onto your cell phone. This requires the person to have physical access to your phone for about 5 minutes. Often this will happen when you leave your phone on a desk, on a charger or somewhere else out of your sight. Once installed, the monitoring software cannot be detected without an expert scan of the phone. The snooper has access to everything in your phone and can listen in to your calls, read your text messages, know your GPS location and even use the speaker phone as a microphone of the room your phone is in, all without you even having your phone turned on. If you are concerned about the legality of any tool, you should speak to an attorney.

Whose Mobile Phone Might Be Tapped?

There are increasing cases of cell phones being used to intercept valuable information, or simply to harass unsuspecting victims.

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