How Could Illegal Immigration Make America Any Worse Than It Already Is?

Way back in the 1950’s, one could perhaps be excused for fearing that unhampered "illegal" immigration would lead to a dissolution of the American republic, as throngs of uneducated foreigners with different cultural values overran the existing American population. Indeed, one might have been justified in thinking, as many conservatives in fact did, that the unique "American experiment" depended upon the prevention of an influx of foreigners of the old-world mentality, who did not understand or appreciate individual liberty the way Americans did.

At this point in the American experiment’s history, however, what grounds are there for fearing that "illegal" immigrants will damage the character of this country? What could "they" possibly do to this country that has not already been done by ourselves and the plundering and lying rats in Washington? In other words, how can it get any worse than it already is?

We live under a government that is bankrupting itself and ourselves fighting two wars that have no point whatsoever. Thousands of American boys, the seed corn of this nation, are being slaughtered by sheepherders and poppy farmers thousands of miles away, and we are being bankrupted in order to pay for it, for no reason whatsoever. The ruling class and its foreign puppet masters have already drawn up plans for an even more lunatic and pointless war thousands of miles away. If the American borders were thrown wide open, and millions upon millions of impoverished illiterates from the third world flooded into America, how could America’s foreign policy get any worse? What could illegal immigrants do to us that would be worse than sending hundreds of thousands of American men on a futile mission to fight poppy farmers, and die in the deserts and mountains of Asia?

We live under a government that claims the right to execute us when we travel abroad, with no trial whatsoever. What could penniless "illegal" immigrants do to us that would be worse than being threatened with assassination by the most powerful government in the history of the world? Do you really fear sandal-clad, strawberry-picking migrant workers from El Salvador more than you fear the CIA?

We live under a government that has an "intelligence" apparatus so large and powerful that not even its purported bosses know what the hell it’s doing. Over 1,200 government organizations are involved in "intelligence gathering" in this country, by which is meant that hundreds of thousands of people are involved in shameless spying on the people of the world, including Americans, without any oversight whatsoever. What could "illegal" immigrants do to us that would be worse than having everything we say, and every penny we spend, monitored by faceless government bureaucrats empowered to use that information to send us to prison or murder us when we travel abroad? Can the Mexicans who installed your sprinkler system really instill as much fear into your heart as the NSA, IRS and FBI?

We live under a government that claims the right to monitor and ban us from consuming or selling certain substances. It also claims the right to throw us in prison for years if we happen to like to consume or sell those substances. Ironically, that same government has a sordid and bloody history of trafficking those very same substances to finance murder and mayhem abroad, but it will destroy your life completely without batting an eye if you act similarly. What could an "illegal" line cook from Chihuahua do to you that would compare with having a bunch of masked thugs break into your house, shoot your dogs, and send you to prison for smoking or selling a plant? A plant, for crying out loud! No Mexican or Nicaraguan immigrant that I’ve ever heard of has ever locked up an American for years, or shot an American’s dogs, just because he happens to have a plant in his house.

We live under a government that engineered the largest and most destructive economic bubble in the history of the world. Millions upon millions of Americans (and so-called "illegal" immigrants, I would hasten to add) have lost, and continue to lose, their homes and their life savings, thanks to a system that allows for the ruling caste to tinker with the money supply and ,ipso facto, interest rates. In the big picture, what possible difference could it make if a few million more Mexicans make their way up to this country in order to pour concrete driveways and lay sod? The American economy is already a hopeless and putrid morass, so what difference could a few million refugees from America’s "drug war" in Mexico really make?

As a people that have long puffed out their chests for having the most free and richest country in the history of the world, it is hard for Americans to come to grips with the fact that their country is now a toilet (hat tip to Sean Gabb for this phenomenal metaphor). The country they have long viewed as a bastion of liberty and free markets is now nothing more than a bankrupt, run-of-the-mill police state, but many Americans have been slow to recognize this, and they continue to flail away at issues that are completely irrelevant or quixotic. The prime example of this is the fact that many Americans still waste their time trying to get Congressman X or Senator Y elected, as though it really matters whether the man in Washington robbing them to fund war, government eavesdropping, and corporate welfare is from the Donkey syndicate or the Elephant syndicate. There is a very fine line dividing the cautiously optimistic from the hopelessly naïve, and I fear that an overwhelming number of Americans have slipped into the latter category as they wistfully imagine that their government and their economy can be salvaged in the voting booth.

The truth is, no amount of voting and no amount of electioneering can make the American government or the American people any less bankrupt. No amount of voting and no amount of electioneering can roll back a government so militarized and secretive into a government circumscribed by the Constitution. No amount of voting and no amount of electioneering can save the American people from the excruciating economic depression that is coming, thanks to the Federal Reserve’s monetary policies. Last, but certainly not least, no amount of voting and no amount of electioneering against so-called "illegal" immigration will save this country from any of its present or impending ills. This country was turned into a toilet by Americans in the voting booth, not by so-called "illegal" immigrants, and it certainly won’t be saved by spending more time in the voting booth.

The important thing to do at this point is to psychologically accept the fact this country is a putrefying mockery of everything it once stood for. When one comes to grips with this inexorable fact, it seems almost ridiculous to think of trying to keep other people off this supposedly sacred soil. People the world over would laugh themselves into a frenzy if they heard that the Congolese had become agitated over so-called "illegal" immigration from Gabon. Congo is a horrible economic and political wasteland that is not worth "protecting" from immigrants. So, too, will people laugh themselves sick when they hear that the American dodos are drunk with worry that their country will be overrun with "illegal" immigrants. They should, and will, think to themselves: "What exactly do those spoiled, uneducated, lazy Americans think they are protecting from "illegal" immigration?"

What is even more troubling is the fact that most Americans never think about the consequences to themselves that will follow from building giant fences and hiring even more armed thugs in order to keep out the "illegals." They apparently assume that there will never come a time when they themselves will need to move to another country in order to escape from the economic and political nightmare that is erupting all around them. Drunk on the chauvinistic view that America is and always will be "NUMBER 1!," these anti-immigration ostriches use their own hands to help to build the fences that will bar their own escape in the future.

The take home message here is that America is already a gigantic economic and political toilet. Whether it is worth your time to keep immigrants from falling into this toilet is up to you. I, for one, welcome the unpropagandized masses from abroad, who work hard and don’t try to tell me how much I should love a government that threatens to murder be when I travel. Plus, I value the ability to leave this country as much or more than trying to keep out people who happen to speak Spanish.

Put differently, my advice to you, the next time you hear some hyperventilating, flag waving jackass going on and on about how we need to keep the "illegals" out of America, is to congratulate him for his sensitive humanitarian impulse to keep those innocent foreigners from falling into the reeking hell hole we call "America."