• Reverse the Revolution of 1963

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    about President Obama’s foreign policy can be heard among those
    who voted for change from his predecessor. But determining what
    to do about Guantanamo Bay, the rights of suspected terrorists and
    even finding ways to end the failed wars in Afghanistan and Iraq
    will only address symptoms of a deeper problem.

    Not even a
    revolution will cause substantial change if no one knows the root
    of what harms our nation. We should understand that we had a revolution
    in 1963. It would serve us well to recall how we got from there
    to here:

    In November
    of that year, several shots fired from different directions felled
    President John Kennedy in broad daylight in Dallas, Texas. An innocent
    man, Lee Harvey Oswald, was framed for the crime and the authorities
    missed several leads, such as dozens of "ear" witnesses
    who said the fatal shot came from in front of the president’s motorcade.

    Enter Lyndon
    Baines Johnson, sworn in next to the late president’s widow, who
    still had his blood on her clothes. As soon as LBJ covered up the
    JFK assassination by appointing enemies of JFK to "investigate"
    the coup was complete. The revolution began and has never stopped.

    Johnson went
    on to reverse JFK’s draw down of our involvement in a war in Viet
    Nam. And after using false reports of U.S. ships being fired upon
    in the Gulf of Tonkin to get "authority" to prosecute
    the war, he never looked back. He attempted to fund social programs
    to fight poverty and the war.

    Enter Richard
    Nixon who said we had to choose one or the other. Guess which one
    he chose?

    The war ultimately
    took the lives of millions of Vietnamese people along with over
    58,000 of our troops. The public found out by that time that our
    leaders had lied about the war thanks to the Pentagon Papers and
    other reports.

    No matter.

    Enter Jimmy
    Carter. Elected after the only non-elected President, Gerald Ford,
    took over from Nixon, Carter said he would not lie. But even the
    president who used military force least often among recent presidents
    got us involved in a covert war in Afghanistan. He shipped weapons
    illegally through Pakistan to a group of people who fought alongside
    Osama bin Laden.

    We had to stop
    the communists!

    But the CIA
    wanted more covert action to fight the communists in Nicaragua.
    Carter wouldn’t do it. Not a problem. The revolution continued with
    some new leaders.

    Enter Ronald
    Reagan and George H.W. Bush. Reagan was the front man who talked
    tough about Iran who held our people hostage. Bush was the guy in
    the back room making deals with the Ayatollah by sending him weapons
    in exchange for a delay in the release of the hostages.

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    16, 2010

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