Tea Party Vindicators: I Am a Traitor, Communist, Nazi, and Racist

The Christian Science Monitor ran an article of mine on the Tea Party last Friday. The article opened, "Many u2018tea party’ activists staunchly oppose big government, except when it is warring, wiretapping, or waterboarding." It concluded, "America needs real champions of freedom — not poorly informed Republican accomplices."

Many Tea Party supporters posted rebuttals to the piece on the web. Here is a sampling of how they vindicated their cause (taken from Yahoo.com).

Mark: None of the author’s comments can withstand a fair and open debate. If one was to fairly generalize the character of the Tea Party protesters it is the opposite of this propagandist’s flawed spin. The protesting Tea Party bunch are mostly informed and above average educated. Exactly what the continued good health of a successful democracy requires.

MichaelA: A truly socialist article. I thought Christian Scientists were conservative. What a shock. Traitors

GBM : more liberal racist crap

Paul: The "Christian" Science Monitor is so far LEFT that what they have to say is as meaningful and valuable as the trash I set out for pickup once a week!!

Ragnar: Just another dihonest bit of editorializing nothing new to see here just move on everyone

Ed: Just ready Michael Savage’s book, "liberalism is a mental disorder" get off your lazy buts and get a job or open a business and stop mooching off the government.

D.D: I wonder if Mr. Bovard is part of the 50% who pay no income tax?

JamesM : The Report of this artical built a straw man and put words in the straw mans mouth. Of course our reproter won the argument with his straw man. I saw no resemblance between this reporter’s straw man, and the Tea Party.

Scott: Its funny how WE stand up for our RIGHTS and BELIEFS and get attacked and told to shut up.. But we are subjected to your apathetic ideas by force of Gov’t. HOW VERY COMMUNIST OF YOU… We will start by removing some of this cancer in 2010.. Then two years later we will remove the ONE… Will you defend your beloved Obama? Not, you are afraid to even step out from behind your screens.. We, the Tea Party, show our faces in public on a daily basis and WHERE ARE YOU??.. We know we’re on the right path.. What are you going to do about it? Nothing but showing your true colors and IQ here in these forums

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MARY: what is wrong with your head? The tea party isn:t fighting the liberals they are fighting the taxes this government is putting on us and we are already taxed enough. The liberals are making it that way because they cannot stand the protesting so they start with bone breaking name calling , encouraged by their messiah. What are on the signs. taxed enough already. don;t tread on me. what are they saying about liberals? They are talking about the government.

Why aren:t you beefing about the liberals making fun of a handicapped child or calling bristrol Palin filthy names or the filth they say about Sarah. You whiny bunch of girls.I don:t know who cries more you or your leader.He has sent in the seius to threanten or try to scare of the tea party people. Guess what. They are still going strong.Just as his did with the acorn people at voting time. Bribe people for votes. casting fradulent votes and people voting more than once. Your weeping is getting on everyones nerves.

And who the hell cares about what the christian Science people think. They are so full of crap . I would use their magazines for the same purpose the democrats use the constitution For toilet paper.

Cowboy : Just more propaganda to those who spread it best, the little people who can’t wait to lable the Tea Party with something, anything, oh my what can they do,nothing is working. The Demacrats, Liberal Demacrats,Progressives, Socialists, what ever you call yourselfs are just falling apart. The Tea Party is Growing every day and there is nothing you can do about it, ain’t it just Grand. It’s AMERICANS that LOVE AMERICA more than what’s trying to destroy it and it is that simple. GOD BLESS AMERICA !!

Gary P: Bouvard, you are a liberal idiot. Warring, wiretapping, or waterboarding. A movement that started out denouncing government power apparently has no beef with some of the worst abuses of modern times.

So you don’t think cutting a journalist’s head off is a worse abuse than wiretapping. You don’t think bombing the U.S.S. Cole is a worse abuse than waterboarding. You don’t think 9/11 was a worse abuse. You liberals are so quick to write about "our" abuses yet you let things ten times worse slide because you are anti U.S. Let me tell you what I am for. I am for the U. S. A. And if it takes waterboarding to save American lives, I am for it. If someone bombs us, then I’m ready to bomb them back. I hate it when we fight with our hands tied behind our back. You talk about Bush and his deficit. Has Obama spent more in one year than Bush did in eight? You say Bush misled about the Iraq war, but Obama lied. Were you not for the prescription drug bill? Give all your Libs a pass and blame Bush. It’s the same old same old. Ridicule the ones that are trying to stop the big spending and later, when the bills come due, you can blame someone else.

Sam: “James Brovard writes, “Many "tea party" activists staunchly oppose big government, except when it is warring, wiretapping, or waterboarding.”

Warring, wiretapping and waterboarding are tools of war. The government’s biggest and most important job is to protect American Citizens. That means protect our people from enemies who want to take our way of life, our safety and and our precious freedoms. If the terrorists can’t take waterboarding then they better not get caught, huh? The main purpose of war is to win. Waterboarding is a walk in the park compared to what they would do to one our own people. It is effective and it really does not permantly damage the prisoner, injure him, or cause a lot of pain. We have to get information out of them some way. These terrorists want to kill us all! Thanks to other irresponsible journalists, all the terrorists now know how we extract information. If you are not engaging with terrorists you have nothing to fear so don’t worry about being wiretapped. The government will only wiretap you if are suspected of engaging with terrorists.. A perosn who does is an terrorist themself. As for the warring, just remember that we didn’t start this war and the US has the right to protect her people and territory.This story is typical leftist, twisted garbage rhetoric and as usual, it makes no sense.

JH in Atlanta: What make him a Nazi and not just a Liberal? Why a Nazi, as Nazi must defend and promote a position with lies and not stand on facts.

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And it’s not name calling if you calling a spade, a spade.

Notice the author article attempts redefine the Tea Party movement.

I believe in the Tea Party and I was against the Iraq War and the Sr. Drug Benefit Program.

But his argument, that one action justifies or requires another bigger action like "if you were for Sr. Drug Benefit you must be for Obama Health Care" or your a hate group.

Gee with his logic, if I shoot my neighbor I must shoot my neighbor’s kids and wife. Just proves another point about Nazis they want to rob you of "free will".

With "Free Will" I can choose to stop. Even if I was for the Sr. Health Benefit I can realize the mistake and be againts Obama Health Care.

And this statement from his article takes the cake:

"Many of the attendees seemed to hate liberals far more than they loved liberty. A CBS/New York Times poll conducted in April showed that two-thirds of tea party members have a favorable opinion of Sarah Palin, and 57 percent have a favorable opinion of George W. Bush."

So, if you have a favorable opinion of Bush or Palin your hate liberals.

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With a statement like this I doubt even if this person could ever grasp the understanding of a bill rights.

And I do have a favorable opinion of the 2nd Bush when compared to Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, but not compared to his father.

Yes, I heard of this type before, seems I remember a group of people who said "hate Jews like we do or you not a good citizen".

Can you spell N-A-Z-I?

Even under guise of "free speech", How can the Christian Science Monitor justify printing such hate?

They deserve to have neither the word Christian or Science in their name.

I could go and discredit the authors other faulty syllogisms, however, I doubt if a Liberal would ever understand reason, as most liberals say logic is racist or hateful.

Yes, When face with logic or facts they now resort to the R or H word.

Buzz: Libs are traitors and should be treated as such.Traitors have very few rights. I can only think of 2, and they are more of a courtesy then rights. (blindfold,smoke).People like myself have no more to give to those that refuse to help themselves.The government using my $ to kill our enemies no problem. Gov. giving my $ to feed people that have cell phones computers,big screen tvs,cable,500 $ rims on their cars,3000 $ worth of tats,but no food or clothes for the 4 kids they have not ok. I know the libs are going to read this and say I am a racist. My answer,ever been to a trailer park in Alabama.

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Moderate Conservative Democrat: Nope…I listen to your lies and half truths every day..and I respect your right to spew them.. Support liberty for all.Have taken a look at your peace loving party?Go and watch them protest..Now that is scary..Your party is only now coming out saying "yes we are socialist" so integrity is not part of our core.

You want all the freedoms except when it comes to other people freedoms …such as the national Day of Prayer…Your rights but nobody elses

You will steal from others to take care of those who will not work.

So as a tea party participant I believe in gay marriage…mine is before God and your is not so who cares about your paper

You have the right to pray or not to..God calls this free will

You have the right to make something of your life or sit back and let life roll by…And I grew up dirt poor so yep I get it

So your question you should ask yourself is do I think so little of the last 200 years that I would throw it away..make the death of hero’s nil and void to give somebody a free ride and a half butt life just so everyone has a free fair share..Or will I fight the good fight so just maybe our kids can work hard and find the American dream so many men and women have died for?Do you love your ideas so much that you will live ignorant and throw the Constitution out the window?

Patriot1: I have not kept up with the christian Science Monitors beliefs, but to come out with a story like this is really being against the true American conservative and independent way of thinking. Is it wrong to want a strong national defence and a strong police department to protect the people of this nation. No, I don’t think so, but this story makes a point of being strong against bad people evil.That sounds like a very, very liberal attitude. Sounds to me like an Obama way of thinking.

Bryan: It is unfortunate that Mr. Bovard cannot see the forest through the trees… If there is one institution within government that conservatives do advocate, it is the military. Tea partiers do not rail against defense spending because they understand its purpose and need. I will freely sacrifice my money for the collective good and not the individual special interests of a collective few… Please correct me if I am wrong, I have never heard of an instance in which federal wire-tapping has been used to blackmail, coerce or indict an individual outside of terrorist circles?…. One other point I wanted to note was Mr. Bovard’s comments about police officers. I find it shameful to read an article that casts a wide net on those officers that have never broken the law, have provided comfort and safety in difficult times and have been pillars of their departments and communities. The beating of the college student is inexcusable and will be handled within the confines of the law when the officer’s guilt has been proven by a jury of his peers. Not before.