• Will China Implode Someday?

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    Marc Faber: China Will Implode Someday, But Not Right Away

    by guruek

    Recently by Marc Faber: The Frame of Mind of American Economic Policymakers

    A couple of days ago, Short-sell Guru Jim Chanos called China “Dubai Times 1000” and predicted a crash in China. Another Jim, Jim Rogers disagreed and called Jim Chanos did not know what he was talking about.

    Who is right?

    Yahoo! Finance Tech Ticker brought Marc Faber to be judge.

    Faber acknowledges there is excessive credit in China, but the oversupply of money has been used to build the infrastructure, education, and R&D, rather than consumed. And that is the difference between China and US.

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    Dr. Marc Faber [send him mail] lives in Chiangmai, Thailand and is the author of Tomorrow’s Gold.

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