Profit Prophet

While putting in my mandatory hours of viewing current events on TV, I came upon a government health/socialized medicine discussion cum audience participation. Those fine products of the government training camps (see also: Public Schools) were proclaiming how evil profit is — especially evil in Health Care.

How many people do you know working for room and board? I would argue everything we own that is above and beyond our needs for basic survival represents personal profit. We call ourselves a consumer nation. I’d consider that a hint most of are doing more than volunteer service for our day jobs.

But back to the idea of our doctor not making a profit. He should see me for the pure joy that comes from hangin’ with sick people? He’s not allowed to want a house in the ‘burbs?

If you sat down at a table and told the weight-person, "I don’t believe in tipping. You should think of it as a privilege to be serving me…" What kind of service do you think you’re gonna get?

Profit is a form of motivation. There must be a reason to do something when doing nothing is easier. Companies are not created by government programs or Tinker Bells with a sprinkle of Pixie Dust. They are the result of a lot people of wanting to make some money. Yes, many of these people are driven by vision, need or belief but they still expect and deserve a reward for their time, effort and capital risk.

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Profits make great things happen. Socialism produces only human misery. Socialism takes cotton candy dreams and turns them into brussels sprout lies. "From each according to their ability and to each according to their need." Sounds great! It is the snake oil that will cure all of society’s ills! Actually, it is a recipe for turd soup that creates only famine, bone-gnawing dreariness and unspeakable violence on a worldwide scale. It creates a world where people are motivated to be needy, not able.

Without profit, mankind would not have gotten beyond living in a cave provided by nature, eating berries we hoped would not kill us and trying to out run big kitty cats with really long teeth.

Snapping back to the present where it isn’t a big, hairy elephant trying to squash us but a leviathan of questionable charity and callous intentions. We have a 2,000 + page government health bill that only directly addresses the uninsured when it claims to help by ordering the IRS to track them down and fine them for not having insurance.

There goes your Prophet; there goes your profit.