The CIA Killed JFK The Garrison Tapes

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According to this documentary the CIA was responsible for the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy in November of 1962 at Daley Plaza in Dallas Texas. John Barbour produced this landmark film, The Garrison Tapes.

This documentary tells the story of District Attorney Jim Garrison, who investigated the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy his independent investigation according to the movie looked closely into evidence available to him and came forward with an interpretation that went beyond the Warren Commission’s authorized report. The film examines occurrences before and after the assassination and considers theoretical connections with the FBI, the CIA, the Mafia, the Cuban situation, the war in Vietnam, and other national and international concerns. An interview with Garrison is included in the film. Footage of the tragedy and interviews with witnesses offer further information and ideas. The complete "Garrison Tapes” can be viewed for free.

Last night George Knapp of the nationwide Coast to Coast Am radio show welcomed award-winning broadcaster John Barbour for a discussion about the JFK assassination. Parts of Barbour’s interview with the late Jim Garrison were played during the show. Garrison as the New Orleans district attorney conducted his own investigation into the assassination and implicated the CIA. In the latter half of the program,’s Mark Allin joined the conversation to talk about the evolution of conspiracy-related media.

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According to listeners and reported on the Coast to Coast Am web site Barbour said his three-hour interview with Garrison was inspiring and exhilarating, but when portions aired on his TV show Real People in 1988, it was edited without his consent to make Garrison look delusional. He told Barbour that he believed six people killed Kennedy, acting in three teams of two, while around 32 individuals were involved in the conspiracy. Included was Lawrence V. Meyers, a businessman with ties to the CIA, who reportedly met with Jack Ruby on Nov. 23rd, 1963. Researcher Jim Marrs has said the CIA used Meyers to get Ruby to eliminate Lee Harvey Oswald.

The popular broadcast indicated that there was evidence that the changing of JFK’s motorcade route in Dallas was part of the conspiracy, and there were also Mafia connections to the killing, Barbour noted. Interestingly, a CIA agent named Richard Case Nagell who had been assigned to keep an eye on Oswald, claimed he wrote a letter to J. Edgar Hoover in September 1963, warning of a plot to assassinate Kennedy in November. He was ignored and subsequently jailed.

Allin noted that even after all these years, people still want answers in the JFK assassination, and that the 9-11 truth movement has served to re-energize the public’s interest in conspiracies. During the Barbour’s interview he said that the head of the CIA Dulles and his second in command were fired by President Kennedy , as an interesting note the 2nd in command’s brother was at the time of the President killing the Mayor of Dallas and had at the last moment changed the route of the Kennedy motor cade to pass by the Dallas book depositary.

Barbour also claimed during the interview that his efforts to distribute the Film in the USA has met real resistance from the powers to be, but did well in global markets.

The "evidence" this documentary presents makes more since then many other conspiracy theories do and less confusing but still no one can say with any certainty who actually killed JFK. There are so many loose ends like without knowing what really happened, like what the wounds actually looked like and what was taken from JFK’s body, one can only speculate. It is true, some conspiracy theorists have placed gunmen behind the picket fence on the knoll, in the sewer between the knoll and the underpass, in the Dal-Tex building, even on top of both the TSBD and the County Records Building, among other places.

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June 8, 2009