All Patriots Are Gun Owners But Not All Gun Owners Are Patriots

This is from a patriot friend of mine out West:

I was in a gun store in a different town a few weeks ago. Someone was trying to purchase 9mm ammo, which the store didn’t have, and the clerk was decrying all the internet-driven hysteria that caused people to stock up on guns and ammunition. The clerk went on to claim that this buying spree by millions of people was stupid, as the government would NEVER pass laws to take away guns or ammunition, or infringe on the rights of Americans to keep and bear arms.

My guess was that the clerk either lived under a rock, or was simply as opinionated as he was uninformed. He was angry with the people buying up guns and ammo in large quantities, which made his job more difficult. I then went to another gun store that just happens to be a major interstate distributor that advertises in Shotgun News. There was about an hour wait just to get to the counter, and parking was a challenge.

People were rolling their purchases out on hand trucks. According to the clerk at the other store, all these folks were nutz, and they were responsible for causing his problems with obtaining and selling ammo.

The information found at the following link, then, must simply amount to more mass hysteria. After all, I heard about it from a professional gun sales clerk. Everyone fighting for gun rights can go home now. After all, they’re just paranoid, histrionic fools.

This reminds me of a few Saturdays ago when I stopped at the gun shop nearest my home, though it’s not my regular place. The parking lot was jammed and the store looked like a toy store three days before Christmas. Shoulder-to-shoulder people. Folks buying more than one gun. A guy buying a .44 Magnum. A newbie couple looking for his and her guns. Ammo flying off the shelves. The owner told me he just got in 10,000 rounds of .22 ammo and it was almost gone … already. We chatted for a bit, and on the way out he yelled out, “I love an armed America.” This guy gets it.

The gun shop I typically go to is owned/staffed by ex-army gents, they wear “Don’t Tread on Me” t-shirts, they understand the real reason for the political persecution of patriots and the run on guns, and they get it.

Fast forward to a semi-rural Wal-Mart in the ammo section. I was browsing behind a 70-ish man looking at what little ammo remained on the shelves. He said to the sporting goods department clerk: “What is up with the ammo supply lately?” The clerk responded, “I don’t know. Guess it has something to do with Obama.” A few others watched the conversation, looking riddled. I couldn’t resist informing these nitwits: “Folks, Obama remains a part of the picture but understand that there is an economic cataclysm on the horizon, and mostly, people just fear their government.” He was clearly uncomfortable with my words.

The reasons are clear to those of us who have followed and/or chronicled the decline of freedom over the last several presidential regimes. Always, whether it is a Republicrat or a Demopublican wearing the jackboot, there is the attempt on the part of the regime’s authoritarian torchbearers to disarm the American people in incremental steps. Since this nation’s beginnings, people everywhere have known that America, a nation born of secession and anti-authoritarian spirit, will be the toughest place on the planet to disarm. In spite of the progressive loss of freedom through creeping gun control legislation, overall, American patriots have withstood decades of challenges to the right to bear arms. The current race to stock up on defensive commodities means that some Americans are making it clear that any attempt at absolute gun control will be considered a crucial tipping point.

Yet Obama has made it clear he is anti-self-defense, along with his lieutenants Eric Holder, Rahm Emanuel, and Hillary Clinton. So why is gun control legislation, or even the reinstatement of the "assault weapon" ban, not transpiring at the same pace as the rest of Obama’s makeover? Because this regime and its henchmen understand that they have no backing in Congress right now for any such legislation. Sixty-five Dems wrote to the Attorney General in March and claimed they "would actively oppose any effort to reinstate the 1994 ban" and swore "a long and divisive fight" if any such legislation should be commenced.

Do these Democrats approve of an armed America? Are they patriots? No and no — they take great pleasure in keeping their jobs and they know that the time is not ripe for any gun control nonsense. The Senate leader, Harry Reid, is from Nevada, and his rural constituency would hang him on high were he to support any such verdict on guns. Don’t get me wrong — these cretins, who despise the self-sufficient, independent types who refuse to kowtow to despotic rule, will make the move to sweep across the plains and make America a gun-free, sitting-duck zone at first opportunity. After all, a disarmed America is an obedient, lifeless, submissive America. That’s the kind of America that Obama, and the rest of the world, wants.

Radical moves toward absolute gun control are high on this regime’s list of priorities. In fact, Obama’s lieutenants and their platoon of foot soldiers are quietly plugging away in the background, trying to drum up support for total disarmament. Obama is already promoting CIFTA, a far-reaching, international treaty that is mainly aimed at disarming U.S. citizens down to their underwear.

I have been to many gun shops and swap meets, in recent months, where gun & ammo sellers are clueless as to why the run on guns and ammo is happening. Not all gun shop proprietors or employees are on board the resistance train. There are solid gun folks who get it, and there are the hunting/clay disc types. It is up to us to separate the wheat from the chaff and recognize those who we can trust, as well as those who we cannot rely on when the sludge rolls down the pipe. All patriots are gun owners (or at least favorable toward guns and self-defense), but not all gun owners are patriots.