It’s Never Too Late To Stop and Smell the Gunpowder

A Rusty Old Codger Gets a ShinyNewGun

by Greg Perry by Greg Perry

It is never too late to stop and smell the roses. It is never too late to learn to play the piano. It is never too late to read great, classic books. And it is never too late to blow the brains out of an attacker.

With Age Comes Wisdom

About six years ago, I met a gentleman who has since become one of my very best and true friends. He taught me a lot but one would expect that; he has the wisdom of more than 70 years.

He is a no-nonsense gentleman. He does not suffer fools lightly. He quotes Atlas Shrugged. He cares more about freedom and classic liberal ideals than he cares about either political party. He is open to new ideas and even changing his mind as long as he sees the reasoning and logic behind the arguments presented. In other words, he constantly hones his thoughts, abilities, concerns, and skills. He is open to expanding his already-vast knowledge base.

He is a man all of us should aspire to emulate.

After an already full lifetime of 71 years, three months ago he decided to get his concealed carry permit. This intrigued me because he is a man who admires firearms, can shoot straight, but is not one who typically enters any government building that he does not have to enter. The application, background check, and fingerprint requirements go against all he believes.

Given how well he influenced my life, I wanted to ask him a few questions related to his new concealed carry permit and the new handgun he now has with him. All of us can benefit from what a 71-one year-old gentleman has to say.

The following is a transcript of a brief interview we did over the weekend. As I re-read his responses, I realize how straightforward and clear they are. So often we obfuscate debates with $10-words and legalese. His words are clear enough for a 6-year-old homeschooler to understand (or a 16-year-old public school student.)

His words speak for themselves but you know me, I could not help but annotate with some extra thoughts along the way.

Happily, A 71-Year Old Newly Licensed Gun Owner Speaks Out

Q: Are you pleased that you got your Concealed Carry license?

A: Pleased is not the exact word that describes my feelings. I am ecstatic! I waited much to long to do this.

Q: Having not had a concealed carry permit for 70+ years, why did you finally decide to go for it?

A: I debated myself several years about getting the permit. Many people I know got them as soon as the law began allowing them.

I had convinced myself that I did not want to be in any more databases than was absolutely necessary. I did not want the Guvment to know I had any guns. Then a good friend of mine convinced me that having the permit was far too important for my personal and family safety to let my fear of the Guvment keep me from it.

[I wish you could hear him say Guvment! His state is Oklahoma, a gun-friendly state that still allows its citizens to protect themselves and their families. Getting caught with a gun without a permit, however, is a sure way to lose your gun and perhaps your freedom from incarceration. This gentleman obviously loves his family more than he fears the government so he decided he does not care if his name is on their books.-GP]

Q: Do you plan to carry a gun most places now?

A: I went to the sheriff’s office to pick up my permit last week. Since then I have armed myself whenever I leave the house about 80% of the time. I love it. I hope I never have to use it but if I do I will.

[It is far better to have a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not have it.-GP]

Q: What gun do you now carry?

A: One of the first things I did after submitting all the Guvment paper work for my concealed carry permit was purchase a new handgun specifically designed for concealed carry. It is a Smith and Wesson, Model #442, a hammerless .38 special. When I carry this gun it is loaded with what I call splatter bullets, otherwise known as hollow point.

Q: What do you think our Founding Fathers would say if they knew you carried a gun?

A: I think they would be absolutely dumbfounded that I did not carry a gun for 70+ years. A gun is an expression of your freedom, a freedom that derives from our Creator.

[Colonel Jeff Cooper said a man can never truly be free unless he is armed.-GP]

Q: What do you think our Founding Fathers would say if they knew you needed a fee-based permission from the government to carry a gun?

A: Again, I think they would be dumbfounded. As they said in the Declaration of Independence, “…All men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” They continued by saying, “…That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

In my opinion no rational body of the governed would consent to diminish their freedom by giving government the power to make it any more difficult to own and carry a gun than just to strap it on and go about your business.

Q: What does your wife think about it?

A: My wife now has her concealed carry permit and carries most of the time.

[Obviously, he has a fantastic wife.-GP]

Q: What do the nation’s current leaders think about you getting a license to carry a gun?

A: I am 100% convinced that our current leaders think it is horrendous that anyone would want to own, let alone carry, a gun.

Q: Do you think America is safer the more people who carry weapons?

A: Several years ago I purchased a book by John Lott entitled More Guns, Less Crime. No rational person can read this book and come to any conclusion other than this one: owning and carrying guns decreases crime. The why is self-evident. If a criminal intent on creating mayhem of any kind fears that he is not the only one with a gun he will be less likely to create that chaos.

Simple stuff really.

[Simple stuff, yes, which is why government employees at all levels cannot understand it.-GP]

Q: Some restaurants, stores, and “family” places such as Silver Dollar City have strict No Guns Allowed policies. How much safer do you feel when you do business with them?

A: I do not feel safer when I do business with them. In fact I decided that given a choice I will not do business with anyone that posts their entrance with a no guns allowed sign.

[If one must do business with an establishment that does not believe you have the authority to defend your own family, let the owner know in a letter that you will hold them and their insurance companies responsible for any crimes committed against you and yours while there. Send a copy to their insurance agent. This can have a great effect at changing such a deadly policy. ~ GP]

Q: Is the right to defend yourself given to you by man or do you see it as inalienable?

A: As our Founding fathers clearly said, freedom is derived from our Creator and is inalienable. I will go even further with this. In my opinion it is irresponsible for any person to fail to do all they can to protect themselves and their family.

Such is our duty.

Q: President Clinton’s Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders once said America needs “safer bullets.” Do any of your guns use those safe bullets in them?

A: Jocelyn Elders was not the brightest bulb in the room. [I believe he is giving her far too much credit.-GP]

I have no idea what a safer bullet is.

Q: If you ever must shoot somebody who attacks you or your wife, what do you think you will feel?

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