We Had to Do It (Surviving a War Against Savages)


Vice President Dick Cheney gets off the hook for ordering war crimes? Since America cheers and the mass media agrees, then US President George W. Bush needs to pardon many more people for war crimes before leaving office. Yes, Mr. Bush, let this be a plea for you to forgive these war crimes committed by those who, with good hearts, and good intentions, tortured fellow human beings, not by choice mind you, but because we were dealing with a savage and inhumane enemy that the record shows were bloodthirsty murderous savages. Our boys committed those war crimes because it was the only way they could try to protect those poor, innocent, women and children at home from the terrorists. If you hear my plea, Mr. Bush, please pardon them.

Yes, it was wrong. We shouldn’t have tortured. But when our leaders did it, they had good reasons for doing it. Our leaders ordered war crimes committed for all the right reasons. Therefore; they should be pardoned for the war crimes they committed.

History will show that breaking of International Law and the committing of the war crime of torture was not only unfortunately necessary, it didn’t actually prevent the terrorist killing of thousands of our innocent men, women, and children. But, who knows? Perhaps it did prevent the killing of many more? It’s easy to have 20/20 vision with hindsight. But we didn’t have that luxury back then.

No. If I am to understand US Vice President Dick Cheney’s logic — as well as the logic of the mass media, of which I am a proud member — then what we did could not have been helped; in fact, if you were us you would have done the same thing; you would have done anything, even torture, to protect your citizens. History proves that I am 100% correct on this point and not to be argued with.

We were in a war for survival; a Clash of Civilizations; we tortured because we had to. We didn’t mean to be bad guys, we were merely trying to obtain the necessary information we needed to prevent a calamity. Too bad, we failed. The world was different then and it’s hard to remember, with mere hindsight, what the people felt at that time. We did what we had to protect our people and our homeland. In fact, I agree with Cheney and think it’s too bad that we didn’t torture more to catch the main people who were running the show for the enemy and prevent the disaster that occurred.

Yes, ..".sure, some of this might have been excessive and arguably wrong, but it was all done for the right reasons, by people who are good at heart.” I absolutely agree; especially about the part of the “people who are good at heart." I seriously doubt if you could ever find a mother of any of these patriots we’re talking about who wouldn’t insist that their son wasn’t pure at heart and absolutely dedicated to the freedom of the homeland.

Yes. Fair is fair. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, no?

So besides pardoning the people for crimes committed, there are seven more people you need to pardon, Mr. Bush.

Let me give you a rough background about the people that I demand that the US president pardon.

We were in a war with a savage enemy. This enemy had just committed the “worst human holocaust the world had ever witnessed, roaring across two continents non-stop for four centuries and consuming the lives of countless tens of millions of people” in the last 400 years. In fact, these savages wiped out at least 300 men, women and children — nearly 75% of a native population — in a single day! — during their imperialist expansionism.

This genocide played heavy on our hearts and our minds. We knew we were dealing with the devil himself. We had no choice but to do anything to win the war; that included, unfortunately, torture.

Finally, Mr. Bush, I ask for a pardon, by using the one piece of evidence that I promised to show you. This is the piece of evidence that history shows as undeniable proof that we were dealing with the criminally insane or, at best, savage barbarians who would rape our women and brutally murder our children at any chance they could get. In fact, they did, and as I say, history proves me right: In August of 1945, these animals dropped two atomic bombs on our cities and incinerated nearly a quarter-million old men, women, and children. Children! Small six-month old babies and 2-year-old girls and boys, all incinerated in an instant like a tissue into a bonfire.

This is also an admission of guilt that torture actually didn’t help us to prevent the enemy from committing the war crime of genocide against our people.

As it turns out, and I’m sure you’ll agree that my logic is as impeccable as Mr. Cheney’s, as well as the complicit American mass media, we should have tortured and killed many more American POWs. Perhaps, by committing atrocities against them we could have prevented them from committing genocide against us. Perhaps we could have stopped the American terrorists if we had only had the will-power.

I demand that the US president, as well as American society as a whole, pardon the people in the following list. To not do so would be completely hypocritical if I am to believe that war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the Bush Administration should not be punished.

The list of seven to be pardoned is:

  • General Kenji Doihara, spy (later Air Force commander)
  • Baron Kouki Hirota, foreign minister
  • General Seishirou Itagaki, war minister
  • General Heitarou Kimura, commander, Burma Expeditionary Force
  • General Iwane Matsui, commander, Shanghai Expeditionary Force and Central China Area Army
  • General Akira Muto, commander, Philippines Expeditionary Force
  • General Hideki Tojo, commander, Kwantung Army (later prime minister)

These patriots were sentenced to death by hanging at the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal after the end of World War Two. Their crimes included torturing Allied prisoners of war. But, as I quite skillfully pointed out, the circumstances of their crimes were special and, therefore, it is not useful to consider their actions crimes because, well, ask their mothers; these boys were all good at heart and they only meant to protect their country from murderous terrorist imperialists.

So let American exceptionalism stand. Let us all bask in the glory of the new reality.

~ Edited by Robert Klassen