Money Well Spent


I sent in another donation to Ron Paul’s Campaign today; I believe it is money well spent. Doctor Paul has done wonders, for a blackballed candidate. I don’t think anyone can say that he has gotten a fair shake from either print or television media outlets.

Doctor Paul came in second in Nevada, but nobody would ever know that from the press. He also came in second in Montana, again no media. For a strict constitutionalist, Ron Paul is doing very well. Remember there are no groups looking for a handout backing Doctor Paul, because Doctor Paul is, as his backers affectionately call him, Doctor No.

Why I think my donation money was well spent is proven to me every time I see a Huckabee ad that says he now wants to abolish the IRS. Every other candidate can see the enthusiasm that Ron Paul backers have for his message.

Without Ron Paul in the race, there would be no talk about the size and scope of our military and its effect on our foreign policy. If Ron Paul was not in this race, the problem of fiat money would not have even come up. In fact, without Ron Paul, I doubt if the Constitution would have even been mentioned.

Sixteen delegates — that is how many Ron Paul has so far, and if we can keep him in the race until the convention, he should pick up some more. Even with the ongoing media blackout of Doctor Paul’s campaign, there is almost no way the convention will be able to keep our candidate from getting his shot at speaking to the whole convention, and to the American people.

Ron Paul has started a movement, and I am proud to be a small part of it.