• An Open Letter to Conservative Christians

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    wanting to support a candidate who reflects their positions on moral
    issues, many conservative Christians are looking for one who will
    take an uncompromising stance on our national defense and will do
    everything to guarantee our personal safety. In fact, many conservative
    Christians consider this to be the paramount issue in this
    election. Reflecting this general view, in a stunning move last
    year, Pat Robertson himself went so far as to endorse the openly
    pro-choice candidate Rudy Giuliani. Robertson obviously felt that
    conservative Christians should be willing to overlook the abortion
    issue in favor of a more important concern — the issue of security.

    is it possible that conservative Christians are missing an issue
    that should be of even greater concern?

    Christians are familiar with the general outlines of biblical eschatology
    (relating to future prophecies), and many have probably read more
    than one book on the subject. Briefly put, the Bible (especially
    the book of Revelation) depicts a scenario in which the entire population
    of the world is unified under a brutal and repressive one-world
    government which controls all commerce through means of a "mark,"
    without which one is unable to buy or sell. Those who study biblical
    prophecy generally agree that the ruler of this government appears
    to be a religious dictator who will come to power during a time
    of great political and economic upheaval.

    our post 9-11 society we have seen our government, in the name of
    public safety, form the Department of Homeland Security as well
    as legislate and implement the Patriot Act. What we must all realize
    is that legislation
    such as the Patriot Act
    , which on the surface is intended to
    protect the United States from terrorism, simultaneously strips
    American citizens of many of our most basic civil liberties. Additionally,
    a law has recently been enacted that mandates a national
    ID card
    , which will eventually be required for airline travel,
    entering a courthouse, and receiving government benefits (and that's
    just the beginning). Plans to embed a microchip within the ID card
    have been postponed but not eliminated. In a few years, it is entirely
    conceivable that the whole population of the United States could
    be required to be chipped in the interests of "national security."

    trade agreements such as NAFTA and CAFTA could be logically viewed
    as a key part of an overall movement toward a unified global government
    and a unified currency. To quote from Dr.
    Paul's website
    : "NAFTA's superhighway is just one part
    of a plan to erase the borders between the U.S. and Mexico, called
    the North American Union. This spawn of powerful special interests,
    would create a single nation out of Canada, the U.S. and Mexico,
    with a new unelected bureaucracy and money system."

    conservative Christians are so focused on the terrorist threat that
    they have not even given thought to the implications of the gradual
    loss of our civil liberties and our national sovereignty. I believe
    that this is a grave mistake; in fact, I would even go so far as
    to say that the erosion of our civil liberties and our national
    sovereignty is a far greater threat to Americans than any
    threats from militant Islamists.

    some conservative Christians recognize that these trends resemble
    the futuristic circumstances found in the Bible, many of them have
    adopted a helpless and fatalistic viewpoint — believing that it
    is pointless to fight the inevitable tide of prophetic events. Others
    take the perspective that they won't be around when it all happens,
    so what's to worry? To these people I would suggest that biblical
    prophecy is never easy to interpret and that many current perspectives
    could be completely wrong. In fact, many past interpretations and
    predictions have proven to be wrong, and conservative Christians
    are not at all unified in their interpretations of most of the book
    of Revelation. Their viewpoints range from preterist to historicist
    to futurist, pre/a/post-millennial, pre/mid/post-tribulation, and
    all points in between.

    my point. Because we cannot know with certainty all the details
    of what the future may hold, I believe that we as conservative Christians
    have a responsibility to zealously (even religiously) defend our
    precious civil liberties, our national sovereignty, and the economic
    stability of our country — not only for ourselves, but for all future
    generations. If we do nothing, our children will likely be living
    in a world that bears an astonishing resemblance to that described
    in the book of Revelation.

    up Christians! Ron Paul doesn't quote scripture and wear his religious
    beliefs like a fluorescent button on his shirt. His quiet faith
    is expressed in his firm, moral public behavior, and in his private
    life. Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate who has directly
    stood up against the encroaching threat of the Globalists as they
    push toward world government and Armageddon. He has tirelessly opposed
    all threats to our national sovereignty and our individual civil
    liberties. He has a clear intellectual grasp of the issues that
    currently affect our nation that no other candidate has articulated.
    And unlike the other candidates, the solutions he proposes to our
    economic and foreign policy challenges are comprehensive.

    these reasons, I believe that Ron Paul is the candidate who deserves
    our fervent support.

    17, 2008

    Clifton [send her mail]
    lives in Nevada. She is a mother of two home-schooled children,
    a small business owner and musician, and is also active in leadership
    in her local church.

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