Breaking News: The State Has Been Recalled



State Governments Recalled By Free Marketeers

Free marketeers around the world, in cooperation with hundreds of liberty-minded groups, have issued a recall of the following non-good/non-service. Subject/slaves (often referred to as citizens) should stop using, supporting and/or legitimizing the recalled "product" immediately.

Name of product: State governments.

Units: Thousands, with varying degrees of complexity, tyranny and hierarchical structure.

Distribution: Aggression and criminal violence.

Hazard: State governments cause war, poverty, inefficiency, systematic violation of rights and ultimately the destruction of society.

Incidents/Injuries: Billions hurt; too many to individually count and classify.

Description: Failure to pay tribute or follow the edicts, often referred to as legislation, results in fines, imprisonment, torture or death (or any combination thereof, or all).

Sold at: Product not sold but imposed at gunpoint.

Manufactured in: Every nation.

Remedy: People must refrain from initiating violence against others and their property and espouse the principles of liberty and the goodness of the market and other voluntary associations.

Replacement: Market and other peaceful institutions and organizations can address the problems and needs of society; there is no need for the state and its violence.